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I was at home chilling, watching Dexter's Laboratory and eating pizza when someone knocked on my door. I never be in the mood to talk to anybody over here anymore but I got up and went to look out the window.

It was Crys. She got some nerve. I opened the door and she looked up at me nervously.

"Can I explain?" She asked. I moved out of the way and gestured for her to come in. We sat down, on separate couches of course. I paused my cartoon and continued eating my pizza.

"Okay so um where do I start.. I was going through it. My baby sister was on life support because my family didn't have enough money to pay for what she needed. I was close to my breaking point J. Suriya came to me and offered me $500,000 to help her fake her death. I couldn't pass that up. I mean that shit sounded crazy and it was but I had to try it. She told me nothing would happen to me. Then you started choking me and shit and the only thing going through my mind was oh shit I'm really about to die like this. But I guess Ray put something in my food, the same drug that helped her. So I wasn't really dead, just seemed like it. I'm really sorry Jalea. I had to do it." She explained everything sincerely.

"Is your sister good now?" I asked.

"She's just fine. Walking and talking. Eating good." She said smiling.

"Well then I guess everything happens for a reason. I'm glad she's okay. Thank you for explaining and I understand. So we're cool." I said.

"Wow uh I didn't expect that from you. Thanks." She said standing up.

"Yeah no problem. I do need something before you leave though." I said standing up also.


"Give me a hug man. It's been a whole year and I thought I killed my friend. Took a toll on me. I just gotta know this shit is real." I said. She hugged me with no words.

It felt good to know she was there in the flesh and I didn't have to hold her death on my conscious for the rest of my life.

"Aight. I'll call you tomorrow or something. We can chill or whatever." I said pulling away. But when I looked at her face she had tears streaming from her eyes. What I do?

"Sorry sorry. Yeah we can do something tomorrow." She said and tried to walk away from me but I pulled her right back.

"Crys what's wrong?" I asked.

"J you don't know how horrible I felt. I never wanted to do it but I had to-"

"Aye I know you had to. I forgive you. I'm cool on that shit now." I said hugging her again. She wiped her tears after breaking the hug and nodded her head.

"I'll see you tomorrow." And with that she left. I sat back down and unpaused my show.

I wondered if Crys might still have feelings for me. I wasn't trying to start nothing with her. Just wondering.

Few Hours Later

I got dressed in some ripped jeans, all gold shoes, and a black shirt. A gold watch and gold earrings. It felt too good to wear my own clothes again.

I grabbed my car keys and my phone and went out to my car. It was still Crystal clear and all mine. I loved it. I got inside letting out a sigh of relief. This really wasn't a dream.

I drove to my mom's house since she wanted me to meet her new dude. I parked next to whoever's car was in the driveway and went inside the house. I was surprised to see Mikayla, Bria, and Sienna sitting at the table with my mom and Mike.

"Oh Jalea honey come in. We were just about to eat dinner." My mom said. Sienna stared wide eyed as I walked in and took a seat next to Bria.

"Mike, this is my daughter Jalea. Jalea this is my fiancé Mike." She said with a smile.

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