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Kayla was knocked out in my bed and I needed a shower so that's what I did. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Maybe I'm wrong for taking her virginity but she told me to so was I supposed to just leave her hanging? Fuck no.

I smirked as her moans replayed in my head. Man that was sexy.

I threw on some sweats and a tee, nike slides, and a hat to the back. I was hungry af. I mean I was eating for hours but I was hungry still.

I went downstairs and as soon as I opened the door, Bria walked up. Awe shit.

"Uhh what you doing here?" I asked closing the door.

"You never called me back. We was gon match up. Remember?" She said confused.

"Ohhh right right. I was about to go get some food. You coming?"

"Yeah sure." We got in my car and I drove to the strip mall. I wanted Raising Canes so I pulled up in the drive thru and ordered for me and Bria.

"So why did you look so nervous when you came outside?" She asked crossing her arms. "Mikayla never came home.."

"I don't know what you're talking about. She left my house." I lied and licked my lips. It was so hard not to laugh.

"She did? Wonder why she isn't answering her phone. I guess I'll find out tomorrow." She said shaking her head.

I pulled up at my house a few minutes later and we went inside. I sighed when I seen Mikayla walk out of the kitchen wearing my shirt and some boxers. God damn.

"Oh she left huh? So this is what you do when you come home? Sleep with my friend?! Then have the nerve to lie about it?" Bria yelled making a face at me.

"Mann why you so mad? My sex life is my business only." I said sitting the bag of food on the coffee table.

"I'm not even in the mood to match anymore. I don't even know why I try." She said rolling her eyes.

"Kayla go upstairs please." She went upstairs and I turned to Bria. "What the fuck is the problem Bri? I don't see why it's so bad that I had sex with her. You act like I'm fucking cheating on somebody!"

"Maybe I just know how many girls you can run through and Kayla is too sensitive to be dealing with you!" She yelled.

"It's none of your fucking business! Damn. Fuck outta here."

"Does it look like I care? Oh my god that's why you hung up on me so quick like that. Then you never called back because you were tongue deep in my bestfriend! Can't you see.."


"Can't you see I like you?" She said looking down. All I could do was laugh.

"Wow you really had me going there. First of all, I fuck with studs. Second of all, why everybody and they fucking mama gotta like me? I'm not even that damn cute. Get out my house man." I said pointing to the door.

I didn't care how much she cried or begged, I kicked her ass out. I took the food and went to my room where Mikayla was sitting on my bed crying. I can't fucking deal with this shit.

"What's wrong?" I asked sitting next to her.

"I think I just lost my bestfriend for what we did. Like it felt so right but I know it was wrong." She said wiping her eyes.

"No Bria is wrong. She'll forgive you. You can do what you want when you want. Got that?" She smiled a bit and nodded. I leaned in and ran my tongue up her neck and I could tell it made her weak.

"Stop it." She said biting her lip. I laughed and pulled her onto my lap.

"I'm just trying to take your mind off things babygirl." I said sliding my hands up the shirt and playing with her nipples. She pushed me back and took off my shirt.

"Then it's my turn."


I got out of bed and picked up my trash from last night. I went downstairs to throw it away and there was a knock on the door. Who was here at fucking 9am?

I opened the door and a black envelope was on my doormat. I picked it up and went back inside. Fucking weirdos. I laid in bed and opened the letter.

Jalea, If you don't know this by now, I'm sorry. I'm still in love with everything about you and I'm not just gonna let you forget about me. Since you won't let me explain it to you in person I'll just tell you in this letter. I was given an ultimatum. Keep you alive or fake my death. It was some guy that apparently hates you. He made me choose to either fake my death for $5 mil or he would kill you. So I chose the obvious choice. I didn't think you would do what you did. I guess I underestimated you. I know you're still mad but I need to see you. Meet me at 1278 Hilt St tonight at 7. Only if you actually want to talk. I'll be here. -Ray

I put the letter on my nightstand and laid there staring at the ceiling. I didn't know what to think. I guess I kind of overreacted but I had reason to.

Kayla woke up and threw her arm around me.

"I think you should leave." I said. She sat up wide awake now.

"Are you for real?" She asked looking mad.

"I'm deadass man everybody always asking me are you serious? Hell yeah I'm fucking serious. I'm not just gon say it to say it. I need some alone time." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Fine." She got up and got dressed, then she left. I didn't know how she was getting home but I didn't really care at this point. I lit a pre-rolled pearl of mine and turned on the TV.

I needed to think. This was all taking a toll on my mind and shit I was near losing it.

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