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Julissa in media


I got out of bed and stretched. My back was in pain and my stitches were hurting. I took a shower and threw on some jeans, a tee shirt, some Forces, and a baseball cap.

I went downstairs and seen Sienna talking to Mikayla and Bria. Bria and Mikayla looked at me weirdly.

"What?" I asked leaning against the couch.

"You and Sienna are together?" Bria asked. I gave her a confused look and before I could say anything, Sienna jumped up and grabbed my arm.

"I just told you Bria. Me and her are together. Isn't that right baby?" She said to me smiling.

"Hell nah!" I pulled away from her shaking my head. "I don't know what's going through your head but I never agreed to be with you."

"What about last night J? Just gonna pretend like that didn't happen?" She asked looking hurt.

"Yo what happened last night?!" Bria asked. Mikayla was looking at the floor. I sighed and regreted everything that went down.

"It's not even a big deal. I'm outta here. I need a break from all 3 of y'all." I said going back upstairs to get my stuff. I heard Sienna walk past the room crying. Seriously. She must be real hurt.

Mikayla walked in and closed the door.

"So what happened?" She asked crossing her arms.

"Go ask her." I stated while packing my bag up.

"You really did something with her last night? My sister? After what we did?"

I laughed at that. Maybe I was being petty. I didn't care really.

"The only thing we did was kiss a little god damn. You kissed me and told Bria it was a mistake. What's the problem? There isn't one. Lose my number man I don't need this drama and shit." I picked my bag up and walked past her, leaving her in the room.

I left Bria's house and went home. I hate girls so much. I deleted their numbers and laid in bed. Julissa texted me as soon as I got comfortable.

Lissa: Do you want to go get lunch with me?

Me: Idk if I can. I got stabbed last night. I'm not feeling that good.

Lissa: Oh my god. Who tf stabbed my Lea?

Me: Lol no one I know. Where you wanna get lunch at?

Lissa: Just meet me at Zaxby's for dinner. Get some rest

Me: Aight


I parked in the driveway of the address I was threatened to go to. I was just hoping nothing happened to my car. I went up to the door and knocked.

"Password?" I heard some nigga say. What the hell? Password? That's corny as hell.

"Let me the hell in because I'm gonna get ganked if you don't." I said loudly. The door opened and the dude looked at me confused.

"Man move out the way. She's here to see T." A girl said pushing him out the way. Who was she? "Come on."

I walked in and followed her down a hallway to a closed door. She knocked and opened it. A man, T, was sitting at a table.

"Jalea? Have a seat. Crys you can stay." Crys shut the door and sat next to me.

"What am I here for?" I asked flipping my hat around.

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