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Crys in media.

It had been a week. No contact with 'the crew'. Little jobs from T that got me major bank. A week of talking heavy with Julissa. My stitches were now a dark scar on my side. I liked it.

I jumped up from bed to get ready for school. I had to go to a promotion breakfast with my mom. A fancy one. She had been promoted so now she would be working with major celebrities doing whatever she does. I still didn't know.

I took a long ass shower and got out around 7. I put on a dark blue tuxedo, a black tie, black shirt, and black shoes. I straightened my hair and chose my jewelry. I had got more for my birthday a few days ago.

I put in my gold and diamond earrings with a Michael Kors watch to match. I went downstairs and met my mom in the living room. She was with Julissa...?

"What are you doing here?" I asked kissing her cheek.

"I came to give you a present. Well some presents. I'm gonna put them on your bed after you leave. You look nice though baby." She explained looking me up and down.

"Thank you babygirl."

"She's right. But we have to get going. The limo is outside." My mom said with her hand on my shoulder. Julissa gave me a hug and my mom and I went out to the limo.

We got in and we were greeted by my mom's manager. We had a long conversation about my future and boring shit. I would probably be faking my smile 30 plus times this morning. When we got to the building, I was already tired of talking. Her manager talked my head off.

We went inside and found our seats. We were sitting with Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys, and Solange Knowles. I was highkey near freaking out but I held it together. At least until we got our breakfast. When we started talking, I couldn't stop.


After my mom's speech, we went home and she had to go somewhere else. I went to my room and seen a box and a bag on my bed with a little note. I picked up the note first.

'Lea Bear. I'm moving to Florida today. I would have told you sooner but I just found out myself. Don't let Bria and her crew fuck up your life. Enjoy the gifts.' -Mami Lissa

Wow. I sat down with a sigh. I was really starting to like her to be honest. I poured the bag onto my bed and smiled. It was a true religion shirt, a hat, and glasses I told her about.

I opened the box and almost freaked out. It was a pretty big box and inside was two shoe boxes. I opened the first one revealing a super early release of Jordans. A whole two months early. The other box had a note on it.

'Thanks for sharing your drugs with me.'

I laughed and opened it. It was 3 separate bags of different kinds of marijuana. I took all the stuff in my closet and texted her. After realizing that I was still in my tux, I was about to change but there was a knock at my door.

"Come in." I said closing my closet door. My door opened and the whole entire crew walked in. What the hell?

"Before you kick us out, I want to apologize for getting attached and lying on your name. You're right. I don't know you and I'm sorry." Sienna said looking nervous.

"Aight thanks for apologizing. Why the rest of y'all here?" I asked.

"Me and Cari aren't apart of this. You just weren't answering my texts so I came to see wassup." Dion explained.

"Oh my bad. I just been spending the last week with Julissa and work."

"Julissa?" Sienna asked looking jealous.

"Aha yeah Julissa. Details are confidential." I said shaking my head.

"Well to change that subject, do you want to hang out?" Bria asked.

"Sure. I need to change first." I said looking at my outfit.

"Why you look so fancy anyways?" Cari asked.

"I went to a promotion breakfast for my mom. Y'all can wait in here I guess. Don't fuck with my shit." I said walking into my closet.

I put my hair up in a tight ponytail and put on a Bape crewneck, black joggers, and paint splatter Forces. I put on the hat Julissa bought me and walked back into my room.

Sienna and Cari had left.

"We going downtown." Bria said standing up from my bed.

"Aight. I haven't been yet." I said throwing my wallet into my pocket.

"Wait. Whose car we taking?" Dion asked. It was annoying me how quiet Mikayla was being but it also just annoyed me that she was here.

"Mine is getting a paint job." Bria said.

"I'll drive." I stated on our way down stairs. I locked the house after everyone left and got in my car. I turned on Hercules by Young Thug and blasted it on the way downtown.

Dion was in the passenget seat next to me and we rapped every word while Bria and Mikayla covered their ears. I parked at a meter and we started walking around to different places.

I was having a fun time with them. Except Mikayla wasn't speaking. Why was she with us anyways? We had stopped at some fountains and stuff to take pictures but we were interrupted by Crys.

She walked up to us and everyone looked at her with confusion.

"What up?" I asked.

"I need to talk to you. In private." She said. I walked over to a bench with her and we sat down. The others sat down and waited.


"T found out who stabbed you. It was his son. You know Marcus." She said. It only pissed me off.

"Are you kidding me right now? So I can't do shit to him unless I wanna die?"

"Basically. That's not all though. Marcus thinks T is favoring you over him by giving you more jobs. So you gotta look out for him everywhere. He's crazy." She explained.

"Aight..Thanks for telling me." I said standing up.

"No problem. I'm gon hit your line since you off tonight." I nodded as she walked away. I calmed myself down and went back over to the group.

"Everything good?" Dion asked.

"Yeah yeah. That was just work. Lets take these pictures. I need some more flicks for the gram."


I dropped everybody off except Bria. We went to my house to party. While we were in the basement smoking and dancing to my soundcloud, my phone buzzed with a text.

Crys: Wassup shawty

Me: Don't call me that. I'm turning up

Crys: Wow no invite? No love for the kid

Me: Lol shut up mann. Maybe another night

Crys: Aight I'll hold you to that. Are you single though?

Me: Why you wanna know nigga? Nunya business.

Crys: My name is Daddy Crys first of all. Not nigga

Me: Mad drunk if you thought I was calling you daddy. Fuck I look like?

Crys: My future babygirl

Me: You really drunk now.

I put my phone down and looked up to see Bria staring at me.

"Who the hell got you cheesing like that?" She asked with a laugh. I wiped my smiled off my face which only made her laugh harder.

"Nobody. Pass the damn blunt."

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