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Bria in media


Siya blasted in my ears during the plane ride. My mom was on her laptop working and I was on Instagram arguing with a hoe under my picture.

I wasn't about to know anyone in Sacramento. No one at all except my mom. New highschool. New place. New everything. Only thing that isn't changing is the clothes I wear.

We had an hour left on our flight so I decided to take a nap.


We got off the plane and my mom took me to the Tim Hortons inside the airport. I got a panini, a donut, and an iced capp. I was starving. I didn't eat the airplane food even though we were first class.

"So Jalea, are you feeling any better?" She asked.

"Yeah I do actually. Thanks for showing up after all this time. I should be mad but I'm more mad at dad for what he did. I'm glad I came with you." I explained in all truth.

She smiled and looked at her phone.

"I'm glad too. Our car is here. I just don't know where." She said. 5 minutes later, we found out driver. He took us to a nice house in the suburbs. Where rich people live. I was shocked. Everything looked so clean and cookie cutter. The grass was perfect.

The house was three floors and everything looked brand new. We went inside and she took me to a room. My clothes were here already. All the boxes sat in front of my closet door.

"I'll leave you to get settled. The neighbor's daughter will be coming over soon to take you around. Here's a credit card. I know you don't know anyone here and all but she's a really sweet girl. The credit card is so you can get rid of all your winter clothes and buy clothes fit for this weather. I have to go take care of work." I smiled at her and she left. Wow. My room was a nice size. A nice flat screen tv. Walk in closet. Full bathroom.

It wasn't all my style but I wasn't complaining. I hopped in the shower and washed all my sadness away. I should be happy that I'm outta there. I'll see Ken again. Maybe Ray. Never know.

I got out and did all that good stuff along with straightening my hair. I threw on my worn out cargo shorts, a clean white tee, my white superstar Adidas and two chains. A gold and a silver one.

I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. I looked better than I ever did before. No bruises. No dark circles under my eyes. I felt good. Looked good. This girl better be cool.

I heard the doorbell ring and went all the way down stairs to get it. I opened the door to a girl my height. She was brownskin. Had tight curls down to her shoulders. She was the definition of slim thick.

She smiled a white smile at me.

"I'm Bria. Did your mom tell you I was coming over?" She asked.

"Yeah she did. I'm Jalea. Come in. I was just getting ready." I said as she walked in. She was in white joggers and a crop top. Her shoes matched mine. She had style.

"Jalea..that's cute. You look ready to me but I'll wait if you still got things to do." She said with a chuckle. She sat on the couch and I went upstairs to grab my phone and the credit card she gave me.

I looked in the mirror one more time then went back down to the living room.

"Where are we going first?" I asked.

"I'm gonna show you the highschool you'll be going to. Today is a practice day for basketball so the doors will be unlocked." She explained as we got into her car. While we were driving, she sparked up a conversation.

"So are you a lesbian or just a tomboy? Your mom said she didn't exactly know." Bria said glancing at me.

"I'm a lesbian." I said bluntly.

"Yeah? I'm into girls but I'm still not sure about what I want. That's too much to think about for me. I like what I like. But I have a friend who will ask you a ton of questions. She's a tomboy but we all know she's gay. She asks as much as she can. Please don't get mad at her." She warned me pulling into the parking lot of a huge high school.

"Uhh okay I got you." We walked in the highschool and I ignored my phone going crazy with texts from Tati and Ken. The school was nice. She showed me around the whole place.

When we went back outside, we were met up with a group of people. The tomboy, two girls, and a guy.

"Everybody this is Jalea. Jalea this is Mikayla, Sienna, Cari, and Dion." She said in order. We all said wassup and sat down in the empty parking lot.

"So where you coming from? Your mom the hot chick next to Bria right?" Dion asked flipping his hat around.

"Just got in from Detroit today and yeah that's my mom." I said with a small laugh. Mikayla, pronounced My-Kayla was staring at me as I talked. I didn't mind it. She was pretty as fuck.

"You got tattoos and shit. How old are you?" Cari asked looking at the tats on my arms.

"I'm 17 but I grew up without parents and shit. My older sister, Aj, was tatted up at 17 and let me get these when I was 15." I explained. I decided I could be open with these people. New beginnings.

"Damnn 15? Did they hurt?" Dion asked.

"Nah. I was prolly high. I barely remember." I stated.

"You a damn lie. You was not getting high or tatted at 15. Probably temporary anyways." Sienna said rolling her eyes. I looked at her with a mug. I didn't like her already.

"Aye lil ma. I'm not one to fuck with. These are real tatts. I been smoking and drinking since I was 13. I don't need to explain my whole life to you either. Fuck outta here." I proclaimed shaking my head.

"Alright. Sienna stop trying to start stuff. Let's just go to the mall." Bria said standing up. I stood up too. Bria and I got in her car with Dion and Mikayla. Sienna rode with Cari.

"Sorry about my sister. She don't know how to keep her mouth shut." Mikayla said from the backseat.

"She's your sister?" I asked.

"Uh yeah. Same dad." She replied without looking at me. What's up with her? Dion was in the back dancing to the music on the radio and Bria was focused on driving. Sienna better keep her mouth closed if she got something else smart to say too.

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