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"When you want me to come back, just send me that text and I'll show up." Bria said licking her lips. I sat up and smirked.

"Yeahh I got you ma." I said while watching her get dressed. She sure knows how to give good head. Her number going on speed dial.

"Later." She said before she left. I got up from the couch and looked at the time. 6pm. I went to my room to change clothes and go to Wingstop.

I threw on some jeans, an all black hoodie, and yellow shoes. I put my hair in a ponytail and went downstairs. I was still high as fuck and a little drunk but I didn't care. I opened the door and Crys was standing there. I looked at her confused.

"Uh what's up?" I asked closing my door.

"I came here because I needed to confess something to you. Probably for the second time I think. But Bria was leaving here and I could tell she was satisfied with what she got so I never knocked." She explained.

"Soo you don't want to tell me now?" I asked.

"Nah nah I'll save it for another time I guess." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"Okay well I'm on my way to get some food. You can roll with me or chill here until I get back." I said walking off the porch. She just followed me to my car.

We got in and I turned on Eazy E on my way to Wingstop. When I pulled up, I parked the car and we went inside where a few people were ordering food. We were waiting for food when I heard some familiar voices. Sienna and Mikayla. I never fucked a while group of friends before. Shit I should have got ole girl in bed too. Their other friend.

I didn't pay no mind to them until I heard them walk up behind Crys and I.

"Just don't provoke her Sienna. She's wild. She might attack anyone within a 10 mile radius. Gotta be careful." Mikayla said ignorantly. Did her dumbass not know what Sienna did?

"You're right. Maybe we should back up. One second she's breaking your nose and the next she'll be eating you out." Sienna replied. I turned around and they both looked at me kinda nervous as if I would just stand there and listen to them talk shit.

"Sienna you best to shut the fuck up. I got a loaded clip on me right now. You know wasn't nobody eating your dusty pussy. Why else would you fucking rape me?" I asked. Mikayla looked shocked as hell.

"Wait wha-" She started.

"You can shut up too. Thinking shit is funny. I can have you back in my bed tonight and kick you out in the morning. Fuck are you gonna do? Not a damn thing. Next time, ask yo bitch ass sister what happened before accusing me of attacking people for no reason." I said rolling my eyes. I turned back around and Crys and I ordered. They sure were silent now.

We sat down to wait and I happened to get a text from Ray.

Ray- Idk what you so mad for but can you tell me? I'm going crazy thinking about it.

Me- Don't play that dumb shit. I seen you and ole girl's text messages. I know you been playing me this whole fucking time. Yo number blocked from now on. Next thing I'm working on is a restraining order.

I blocked her number and Crys looked at me weird.

"You good?" She asked.

"Yeah. Bitches always pissing me off." I said shaking my head.

"Maybe you should try staying in the house for a few days. Turn your phone off and stop answering your door. Go off the grid. Take a break from all these people." She suggested. I thought about it and nodded my head.

"You're right. I'm gonna go to my mom's house, get food, and chill at home for a week or two." I said smiling. Just the thought of it relaxed me.

"Good. Including me J. Don't text me or call me. I'm not gonna respond." She said.

"Aye I'll try. It shouldn't be that bad. Alone time is very much needed. Can't I at least fuck a bitch before this alone time?"

"I think you're a nympho. So addicted to sex. You already fucked Bria. Who's next?" She asked sarcastically.

"I can't help if I'm a nympho or not. I just like sex. I'll find somebody. Shit I can fuck Kayla again. I like a challenge." I said smirking. Crys laughed and shook her head.

"Good luck with that." She said. I looked back at Kayla who was sitting with Sienna at a table. Kayla was facing me and when she looked at me, I knew I could have her again.

1 Hour Later

Crys left my house after we ate and I called Mikayla.

"What do you want?" She asked rudely.

"Yoo drop the attitude. I'm tryna see you again." I said.

"Hell no Jalea. Maybe in a few weeks." She stated.

"Umm no. Tonight."


"Why not?" I asked. I wasn't giving up without trying.

"I'm trying to stay away from you. Not get closer." She said.

"And I'm tryna get closer. Right now. Come through." I said putting my feet up on the table.

"Fine. But don't get shit twisted. All we bout to do is watch Tv." She said. I laughed and said okay. Then she hung up. In like flynn my nigga.

She got here quicker than expected. She knew she was looking cute for me and me only. She was only at home and she changed clothes after Wingstop.

She sat on the couch farthest away from me and crossed her arms.

"Girl come over here. I don't know why you so stubborn." I said. She rolled her eyes so I got up and sat next to her. She tried to scoot away and I pulled her back.

"Jalea.." She said looking at me.

"Quit fronting. Let me get a taste." I said kissing her lips. She pulled away and bit her bottom lip.

"Don't talk like that. This is a bad idea." She said.

"Let me eat." I said gripping her thigh. She blushed and turned away so I began sucking on her neck. Leaving hickeys up and down her skin.

"Mmm Jalea." She moaned. I laid her down and got to taking her clothes off. I started teasing her and my mouth watered when I felt how wet she was.

I took her boyshorts off and threw them on the floor. She was soaked. I got down there and ate like never before. Shit I was about to go two weeks without pussy. I even got pussy in jail.

I had Kayla screaming and moaning, shaking and groaning, she was bout to be weak in the morning. Everytime she moaned out 'Daddy fuckk', I had to go harder. Shit motivated me.

When I knew she couldn't take anymore, I sat up and wiped my face with my shirt. She laid there, naked and panting. She'll be waiting for me after these two weeks. I already know.

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