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I woke up at 6am for no damn reason. I wasn't going to school and I was tired as fuck. What was the problem? I dragged myself out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Dom was still knocked out on the floor. I did all my business and finished with brushing my teeth. I put on a towel and started combing my hair out. I blow dried and straightened it then put on some clothes.

Loose fitted blue jeans with rips, black Timberlands, a tee shirt and a hoodie. I put on my watch and chain and a gold grill. I had no reason to look so nice but I wanted to. I went downstairs and seen Ray laying on the couch. She's always up early as hell.

Someone knocked on the door. At 8am? For what? I looked out and seen Tatiana and some stud. I opened the door and looked at them.

"What?" I asked crossing my arms.

"We need to talk. You coming with us or we coming in? Nobody can be around to hear it Jalea." I sighed and shrugged my shoulders.

"I got a kid wit me. I don't trust being alone with yo ass either." I stated. She rolled her eyes.

"What do you mean you have a kid with you?" She asked.

"None of yo damn business. Just know I got a 13 year old wit me." I said standing my ground. The stud was staring at me so hard. I mean mugged her and looked back at Tati.

"J. Come on. Bring her if you trust her not to say anything. Matter of fact, just come get in the car with us and we can talk." I sighed and walked out the house. We got in her car and she got her phone.

"Aight. Yo sister name Kee right?" The stud asked. I nodded uninterested.

"She living with me." She said. I looked up and got confused.

"Fuck you mean? She's locked up in Dayton!" I said.

"Nah nah. They let her off and she found me. I'm an old friend of hers. She told me not to tell you but I had to. Something is wrong with her. It's some scary movie type shit." I laughed and shook my head.

"So my sister living with you? She murdered my fucking brother and she's still here?!" Tatiana looked nervous by how mad I was getting.

"Look Don't kill me. I'm trying to let you know. She needs help. I tried to talk to her the other night and she bit me man. Like a rabid dog or some shit. Look." She lifted her sleeve and showed me a red scab that was in the shape of bite marks.

"I need to see her." I said ignoring the bite on her arm.

"You sure? Ion think that's a g-"

"I need to see her! Shit I'ma go get Dom. Y'all just wait here." I got out and went back inside to get Dom but Ray stopped me.

"Aye are you still mad at me?" She asked looking tired.

"I was never mad. I ain't got no feelings for you man. Get that through your head. Ion even fuck wit studs like that." I pushed past her and ran upstairs.

Dom was already up deflating the air mattress.

"Yo Dom we gotta go real quick." I said grabbing my knife. If Kee comes at me I'm cutting her ass.

"Aight." She followed me out to the car and Tati drove to the stud's crib. We went in and she took me to a bedroom. Everyone else stayed downstairs. I walked in and found Kee laying on the floor mumbling.

"Kee." She didn't move. "It's Jalea. What's wrong wit you?" She jumped up scaring the shit outta me. She looked at me and sat on the bed.

"Jaleaaaaaa. I missed you sissy. The girls in my head keep saying stuff and making me do things I don't wanna do J. No no nooooo. Are you ashamed of me?" I looked around for cameras. This shit had to be a prank. I honestly felt like I was in a scary movie.

"Nah Kee. How many girls in yo head?" I asked backing up. She sat up and laughed before mumbling some more.

"3 or 4. I'm never sure. *mumbles*" I kept myself alert the whole time. "I can't do that..I don't want to." She started to cry a little then ran at me screaming.

I grabbed her arms and threw her into the bookshelf. She started to sob and mumble they won't leave me alone over and over.

I shut the door and walked back downstairs. My heart was beating so fast. I got my phone and called the closest mental hospital. Tati and the girl were staring at me confused the whole time. The hospital finally answered.

"Hi I need immediate help. My sister is having a mental breakdown. I'm not sure. I think she has schizophrenia." I explained more ignoring the looks from Tati.

"All we need is an address and we'll send someone to come get her." She said. I gave her the address and it was a wrap. They came to get Kee 10 minutes later. It was sad but it was clear she wasn't safe to be around others.

"Well that was crazy. Are you alright?" Tati asked.

"I'm fine. Just take me and Dom back to the house." I stated. I was beyond irritated. Tati reluctantly took Dom and I back and left.

"Aye I heard my cousin was back in town so I'm gonna go stay with her. Good looks though." She dapped me up and left without another word. I went to my room and laid down.

I was about to light a blunt but someone knocked on the door. I got up and opened the door for Ray. She came in and shut the door locking it. I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Nah You gotta go." I said standing in front of her.

"No I need to talk to you. So sit down." She said harshly. I sat down and she stood in front of me. "Now I know what I said about us stopping what we were doing. But were you really serious? You only wanted sex out of it?"

I looked at the floor and nodded my head. She laughed and grabbed my face aggressively and made me look at her.

"Look me in my eyes and tell me that." She said still holding my face. I tried to say it again but the way she was looking into my eyes just stopped me.

"I knew you were lying." She kissed me holding my throat dominantly. God damn was that a turn on. I bit my lip as she bit my neck and slid her hands up my shirt. I held on to her shirt as she took mine off and began biting all over me.

I never knew aggressiveness would turn me on so much. It was crazy. I watched as she kissed down my chest and got on her knees. She took my pants off along with my Tommy boxers. I waited in anticipation as she opened my legs and put them on her shoulders.

I moaned like a little bitch when her tongue hit my clit. I grabbed her hair as she went faster. I felt so submissive it was crazy. I was trying so hard not to moan her name and shit. She had a nigga shaking.

When she finished she stood up and smirked at me.

"Bet yo ass in love now." She left my room and left me there to think about it for the rest of the day.

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