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I arrived at school and it was exactly the same. The same niggas that would jump me eyed me as I walked down the hallway. Probably plotting their next time. I went to my first class already ready to leave.

"Yo Jalea I heard you got a train ran on yo rusty dusty ass." Some girl said from across the room. Everyone looked at me laughing. I just looked at her and went to sit down.

"Aye bitch she was talking to you." One of her little sidekicks added.

"Man fuck y'all!" I yelled. She ran at me and jabbed me in my face. I can't lie, that shit hurt. But it just made me angry. I grabbed her hair and slammed her head down on one of the desks. I kicked and punched until she stopped moving.

I looked up and noticed that students had been recording. I honestly didn't care. I looked at the bitch's friend who didn't look so confident now.

"Oh you ain't gonna help yo friend now?" I asked. She just stood there. I sighed and grabbed my stuff. "Fucking dubs."

As I was walking through the hallway, I was pulled into the guy's bathroom. The door was locked by one of them and I was thrown into the middle of the bathroom. There were four guys. The same ones from before.

"What's wrong? Mad cuz you ain't had no dick in a while?" One asked causing all of them to laugh.

"Nah. Mad cuz y'all bitches always trying to suck mine." I said without a care.

"Aye yo smart ass mouth can get you killed. Stop fucking playing and take your pants off." Another said. I laughed and reached in my pants. I pulled out my gun and pointed it at the one who said that.

"You dumb ass niggas can either let me the fuck go or I'll shoot every last one of y'all twice." I said. I was beyond frustrated. They didn't look so bold anymore. Even looked scared.

"Aight man let her go." I heard. They unlocked the door and let me out. I went outside and took my spray paint out of my bag. In the middle of painting "Pussy ass school" on the brick wall and sidewalk, a cop car pulled up in the parking lot.

I rolled my eyes and dropped the can. I took off running. If they found my gun and my weed I would be done for. I heard him yelling and chasing after me but I was too fast.

I ran through some alleys and through some garages until I was home. I ran inside and Ray looked at me confused. I just ran to my room and put my gun away. I had to change my outfit and hair if I wanted to go back outside. Cops always recognizing me but he didn't really see me face.

I quickly changed into some straight loose jeans, mid forces, and an orange polo. I straightened my hair and put on a white bandana. I went back downstairs and looked out the window. No cops.

"Hell you running in here like that for?" Ken asked. I hadn't even noticed her sitting on the other couch.

"Cops." I stated putting on my silver chain.

"J what the hell?" They were both looking at me waiting for an explanation.

"It's a long story." I sat down and prepared myself. "Aight so I got to school and these two girls were talking shit. So I beat the bitch up. Then I was walking through the hallway and one of the niggas that I got jumped by pulled me in the bathroom. All four of them were bout to train my ass Ken I swear to god. So I pulled out my gun and they let me go. I'm not explaining why I have a gun. Anyways I was spray painting the school because I was so mad. The cops came and I ducked off. I wasn't getting caught with weed and a gun on me." I explained calmly. Ken looked at me like a disappointed father and Suriya just looked shocked.

"You have a gun? Jalea what the fuck you got a gun for?!" Ken yelled standing up. She ignored everything else I fucking said.

"Chill out man It's honestly none of your business!" I yelled back.

"You're living in my fucking house so it's all my business." She said getting mad.

"I'm leaving then. Fuck this I didn't ask to come here in the first place." I shrugged it off and went back to my room. I packed my bags up and made sure I had everything. As I was walking downstairs Ken tried to stop me.

"Just tell me why you have a gun and you can stay here J seriously." She said blocking my way.

"Nah I'm not in the mood for yo shit right now." I pushed my way past her and walked out the door. My bags hung off my shoulders as I walked all the way to my house. Today was turning into such a bad day and I was not in the mood to hear anyone.

I walked into my house and ignored that all the furniture was still fucked up. I went to my room and dropped down on the floor. Tears flooded my eyes. I grabbed the picture of Aj off the wall and held it.

"Yo Aj..I'm in the game. I don't know why. Everybody is gone and I have no idea what I'm doing with my damn life. I'll see you in bout a year or less. I hope you can hear my right now. I need you." I dropped her picture and curled up on the floor.

I was officially alone. I always told myself I wanted to be alone and on my own but I already hated it. I need my sister back. I need my brother back. I'll miss Ken sooner or later. I already missed Ray.. But fuck it. I'm just gonna have to learn how to be alone from now on.

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