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I woke up at 7. Kay was still asleep in my bed and I was starving and sore. I went downstairs to get my leftover wings but breakfast was already on the table. I sat down confused. My mom walked in, dressed for work, and sat down.

"Goodmorning. I seen you were sleeping on the floor last night. Why is that?" She asked taking a sip of her orange juice.

"I let my friend or whatever she is sleep in my bed." I said as I began attacking my food.

"Oh so you made a friend yesterday?"

"Yeah. Mikayla. Bria's friend." I said after my mouth wasn't full.

"Oh she's a sweet girl. Today is your first day at the new school. How do you feel about that?" I looked at her confused.

"That's today?! It is Monday. I forgot. I better go get ready then." I said stuffing my last bite of waffles into my mouth.

"Your car isn't ready yet. So Bria will drive you today." She said as I stood up.

"My car?"

"I'm buying you a new car. Your birthday is coming up soon. So don't think nothing of it. You have an hour to get ready." I smiled and ran upstairs. I woke Mikayla up and she looked at me weirdly.

"I slept here last night?" She asked sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Yeah. Don't worry. I slept on the floor. But it's 7:15. Might wanna go home and get ready for school." I said.

"Oh right. See you at school." She left and I went to take a shower. I wore a shower cap for once so I wouldn't have to straighten my hair again.

I took a pretty quick shower. When I got out, I kept my hair in a loose bun and went to find an outfit. I didn't feel very nervous. Just ready to see how different this school was compared to my old one. I would only be there for 5 or 6 months though.

I put on some distressed/ripped jeans, a plain tee, Yankees baseball jersey, and black sk8 hi Vans. I took my hair down and combed it so it looked fresh. I put my watch on and grabbed my bookbag.

I was on Instagram waiting for Bria to text me. But Ray called me instead.

"Ray." I answered.

"I was just calling to check in.. Everything going good?" She asked sounding tired.

"Yeah things are good on this side. How about over there?" I asked, trying not to think about the things we said two days ago.

"Fine. Boring without you. But it's fine. I'm glad things are good though. I also called to tell you that I might be in love with you and I honestly don't know how to deal with it at all. I miss your touch. Your kisses. Hugging you. It hasn't even been that long and I miss you so much. Soooo much. But it's nice that everything is good over there. Later J." She hung up so fast. I was speechless. Did she really have to say all that?

Hopefully I wouldn't have her on my mind all day because that would only have me regretting shit.

5 minutes later, Bria texted me to come outside. I went outside and got in the backseat of her car. Dion was in the front seat. He must live really close or he stayed the night.

"Wassup with you and Mikayla?" Dion asked catching me off guard.

"What you talking bout?" I asked.

"She told us she was going to check on you and said she would be right back in like 5 minutes. That girl walked out yo house at 7am." He explained with a laugh.

"Ah well I had invited her in and we were talking and I let her sleep in my bed." I proclaimed smirking.

"You slept with her?!" Bria asked. I laughed and shook my head.

"You two are nosey as fuck. I slept on the floor. I have some type of manners." I replied.

They both laughed and started talking about something else. I zoned out for the rest of the ride.


We walked into school and crowds of students filled the hallway. It looked so different with all these people here. Half of them were looking at me.

"Now these kids are nosey." Dion said as we went to the office. I got my schedule and compared it with Bria and Dion's. I had one class with Bria. All classes with Dion.

"Finally I'm gonna have somebody chill in my classes. All these lame rich kids. Can't fuck with them." Dion stated. Bria and I laughed. I could fit in with them. Never thought I would ever make friends so easily but it happened. Maybe because I'm not being as mean and these people don't know about me all like that.

"I'll see you two at lunch." Bria gave us both a little hug then walked upstairs.

"Okay now there's a lotta lil gay hoes at this school that you're gonna need to look out for. Not even joking." Dion said on the way to our first class.

"I really hate annoying girls."

"For real. You will hate last period for sure." When we walked into our class, I felt 20 pairs of eyes on us. I heard some whispering but ignored it and sat down with Dion.

"Who's this?" A girl asked Dion. As if she couldn't talk to me.

"Trust me Nasia. She don't wanna fuck with you." Dion proclaimed waving her off. She rolled her eyes and looked at me biting her lip.

"You look mean. That's sexy-" Dion pushed his hand in Nasia's face causing me to laugh. She looked dumb as hell.


At lunch, I sat with the whole group. Sienna's homophobic ass kept giving me dirty looks. Mikayla and I were having our own conversation about social media and stuff.

"No I hate those couples that only post little flipagrams of their relationship. Barely got pictures of themself on they own page. Whole page dedicated to their relationship. I think they only do that shit for followers anyways. Half don't even be cute." Mikayla exclaimed making me laugh.

"Deadass. I like keeping that stuff lowkey. I don't even want my followers to follow my girl because why they gotta do that? She's my girl. But I hate the accounts that post bout 50 times a day. Most of the time, those accounts don't have pictures of themself on their page." I explained rolling my eyes.

"Yoo the other day this butt ugly ass 13 year old was commenting shit all under my pictures acting like I knew her. Then she sent me a dm telling me to follow her back. She really tried me doing that shit."

"That's the most aggravating shit ever." I replied shaking my head.

"Sure is. But hey, I'm having a little movie night/sleepover at my house tonight. I know it's a school night and all but we all go to the same school so you wanna come?" She asked looking hopeful.


"What are you two over there talking about?" Sienna asked loudly.

"Mind your damn business Sienna damn." Kay said rolling her eyes. The bell rang so we had to get to class. I would just tell Mikayla later.

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