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Mikayla in media.


Mikayla and I were strolling behind everyone else because I was trying to get her to say something. She just seemed extra nervous.

"So..Mikayla, You got a nickname?" I asked.

"Yeah my family calls me Kayla. You can call me Kay." She said with a small smirk. I smiled.

"Aight Kay. So wassup? Why haven't you said anything?" I asked.

"I'm just not very social. I do have some questions but I just met you so I don't want to bombard you with questions." She explained.

"I'm cool with questions. Go ahead." I stated.

"Umm okay how did you know you were gay?" She asked with a shaky voice. Man she was really nervous.

"I kinda just knew. My sister was gay too so that kinda showed me what I was. I've always thought about girls in a sexual type way. I mean I've seen some fine ass men but I never thought of them in that way. It's just something you know." I explained as best as I could.

"Makes sense. Since you're a stud and all, are you always dominant?" She asked turning red. I chuckled a little and shook my head.

"No there are submissive studs. I'm not necessarily submissive. I do what I want when I feel like it." I answered. She asked a few more questions then we got back with everyone else in Footlocker.

I bought a couple pair of shoes even though I didn't really need them. I'm a sneaker head. What can I say? After our 5 hour long mall trip, we went to Bria's house. Sienna hadn't said anything else to me luckily. Dion was funny as hell. He kept making everyone laugh.

Mikayla was cool after she got her questions out. Cari was just fun. Bria was like the mother of the group and it was so evident that she was. I was having a good conversation with them until Sienna proposed that we all play Never Have I Ever.

Everyone agreed so I just went along with it. Bria went to get a bottle of ciroc and poured us all cups.

"Who's going first?" She asked.

"I'll go first since I chose the game. Never have I ever got beat up." Sienna stated smirking. Cari and I both took a sip.

"Never have I ever slept with anyone." Mikayla said to my surprise. Dion, Bria, and I all took a sip.

"Nobody should sip on this. Never have I ever robbed a house." Cari proclaimed. I sighed and took a sip. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Never have I ever slept with a girl." Bria said. Sienna made a stink face. I just laughed as Dion and I took a drink.

"Never have I ever worn a dress." I said. Everyone took a drink. Even Dion. I laughed so hard.

"Alright never have I ever witnessed a murder." Dion stated. I frowned and took a drink by myself.

"Yo fr? Tell us about it." Cari said as they all looked at me with interest.

"I don't think so.." I responded feeling memories flood back.

"Come on. Don't leave us hanging." Dion insisted.

"Okay. I seen my older sister get murdered by her rapist. I was there at the end not the beginning. I seen my older brother get murdered by our sister. I don't want to talk about anything else. I think I'm gonna go home now." I said standing up. They were all silent.

I grabbed my bags from the mall and went home. When I walked in, it was silent. She wasn't home yet. I took my leftover wings to the fridge then went to my room. As I was putting my new clothes away, Bria texted me. I had gave Dion, Bria, and Mikayla my number.

Bria: Hey..you okay? We didn't mean to get you all sad.

Me: I'm good. I just need alone time every once in a while

Bria: Okay well I think Mikayla walked over to check on you.

Me: I'll go see

I heard knocking so I ran back to the front door. I opened it and Mikayla looked up at me.

"Hey. Are you okay? I had no idea you went through all that." She said apologizing.

"I'm alright. You can come in." I offered. She smiled and walked in. We went to my room and she sat down while I continued separating clothes.

"You have a lot of clothes." She said looking around my closet.

"Yeah I got all my sister's clothes. Never brought myself to throw them away so I just wear them now." I explained while hanging up my jackets.

"Wow. So why did you just move here?" She asked playing with her hair.

"My whole family was gone. My mom found me after 17 and a half years and I moved with her because I was drug dealing and didn't want to die so young. Ya know?" I looked at her and dumped my pants onto the floor to go through.

"You really had it rough. That's really crazy. I thought I had it rough when I told my boyfriend I might be gay and he broke up with me. But that was nothing compared to your whole life. Damn." She was staring at the floor shaking her head.

"So you are gay?" I asked.

"Might be. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'm asexual." She said smirking.

"Ha. Please. You'll find out sooner or later." I said nodding my head. She laid on the floor and closed her eyes. She sure was cute.

"I'm very tired. I've been up since 5am. Helping people. All I ever do is help people. Then I went to the mall. And played that stupid game. I don't even drink." As she continued rambling I finished folding my pants.

"Hey." I interrupted her slurred rant and helped her up off the floor. "Go lay in my bed." I showed her to my bed and she plopped down on the sheets. I took her shoes off and got back to my closet. If she falls asleep then I'll just sleep on the floor.

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