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"Why you in here now Lea?" My favorite police officer asked. I shrugged as if I didn't know. She gave me a look and looked at the officer who cuffed me.

"Smoking on school grounds." He stated taking me to a cell. I'm underage. That's the real reason. I just put my leg up on the bench and propped my chin up on my fist.

I would probably be here until the morning or until they get a hold of my older brother. I waited and waited. It was 6 hours later when my brother came to get me. Midnight.

"Get yo badass in the car." He said slightly pushing me. I clenched my jaw but kept walking because he could beat my ass if I really made him mad. I'm not stupid. I sat in the passenger seat and stared at my hands. He got in and pulled off.

"Fuck you always in trouble for?!" He asked over Lil Boosie playing through the speakers.

"It ain't my fault the principal don't like me." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Lose the attitude and stop fucking smoking. You ain't boutta be out in the streets like me Jalea. It's not about to happen. So go to school, get yo education, and come the fuck home. Ion wanna hear no shit from no fucking body about you either." He said before turning his music back up. If he don't want me in the streets then he should set a better example..

When we got home, I went in to my room and shut the door. My sister and her friend were in her bed on the phone. Why she always got her god damn friend over?

They were being loud as fuck too.

"Where were you two at so late?" My sister asked being nosey.

"Got arrested." I said without emotion, getting the stuff for my shower out of my dresser.

"For what?" Her friend asked. I looked at her weirdly.

"Nunya business. Shit." I went to the bathroom and got in the shower. While I was washing up I noticed how much pain I was in. My whole body hurt. Especially my ribs.

I got out 20 minutes later and got dressed for bed. I left my hair down and let it air dry while brushing my teeth.

I went back to the room and laid in bed with my face to the wall.

"Jalea!" My sister said loudly. I sat up and stared at her.

"Can I sleep? What the fuck?" I said putting my hand on my ribs.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked getting out of her bed. I rolled my eyes. She's older than me too.

"Nothing man I'm tired." I lied rubbing my forehead.

"Did you get jumped again?" She asked crossing her arms, looking mad. I looked at the floor in silence. I really hate how easy it is for her to notice this stuff.

"WHAT THE FUCK? Jalea you need to fight back! Can't be letting these lil ass girls touch you!" She yelled turning red.

"It wasn't no lil ass girls Kee. It was 4 niggas." I replied watching her facial expression change from mad to furious.

"This shit is the most aggravating shit eva. My baby sister getting jumped by groups of niggas now. And for what?!" She said to no one but herself. I shook my head and laid back down.

"Don't tell Damarius." I said turning back towards the wall. The last thing I heard was her start a conversation up with her friend again.


I got up out of bed and heard yelling. My sister's friend was sitting in the bed but my sister wasn't there. I got up and ran downstairs. My brother was yelling into the phone and my sister stood there looking just as pissed.

"Jalea you staying home today." Kee said sternly. I was so confused. She must have told him...

"Lea why the fuck you getting jumped and not telling me?!" Damarius yelled hanging up the phone.

I didn't have an answer. He just shook his head and made me go upstairs. They treat me like a 13 year old. I'm almost 18. I got in bed and on my phone. I had a text from my bestfriend Ken.

Ken: I got some news for you

Me: Good or bad?

Ken: I think it's good but idk about you. I'll tell you at school.

Me: I'm not going to school.

Ken: Damn. Aight I'll come over later then.

Me: K.

I buried my face in the pillow and listened to the front door slam.

"You gon leave now?" I asked Tatiana. My sister's friend. She looked at me raising an eyebrow.

"Nope. Crybaby head ass." I jumped up and stood in front of her.

"Dick sucking ass hoe. Don't you got work?" I asked mugging the fuck outta her.

"Ion suck dick! I called off. I get to watch you today." She said smirking.

"I hate yo ugly ass. Dick is my toothbrush headass." I went to my dresser and picked out an outfit for the day. A black tee and cargo pants. I put them on in the bathroom along with straightening my hair and brushing my teeth.

I always look nice. Even if I'm not going nowhere.

I walked out of the bathroom right into Tatiana. I looked at her disgusted before going back to my bed. Tatiana isn't ugly at all. She's a slim brown skin with short black curls and a nice body. She looks young as fuck despite being 20.

I played with my necklace while watching her walk in and lay down. I was staring at her body so intently that I hadn't noticed her looking at me.

"Quit staring at my butt. Perv ass dyke." She said rolling her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up. You in my damn room. I do what I want." I said flicking her off. I always do what I want. Fuck everybody else.

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