Auva - Part 4

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Two weeks later...

Nova made her way back to her dorm room after her afternoon class, clutching her portfolio in her hands tightly. She had only been scheduled one class every Friday for the year.

Finals were a solid month away, but her art class had to turn in their first drafts for their final projects last week.

Nova and Aubrey had stayed up to the early hours of the morning, which allowed Nova to finish her draft that was ready for final grading.

"Aub! Aub! Au-" Nova shouted after fidgeting with her key to open the door. When she got inside, her mouth screwed shut as Aubrey was mid twirl, practicing her final dance project.

The sun caught in the window behind her and Nova's breath was stolen away by how angelic Aubrey looked.

"Nova?" Aubrey asked. She had stopped dancing and turned off the music to see her roommate/best friend standing in the door way, her mouth wide open.

Even when she's standing there like a total idiot, she's still so fucking beautiful, Aubrey thought.

It took her a minute to realize that Nova was staring at her.

"Noooooovaaaaa." Aubrey called loudly. Said girl shook her head, cheeks bright red from embarrassment.

"Oh, fuck. I mean, Aubrey!!" Nova rambled and yelled, slamming the door and running up to the dancer excitedly.

"Yes, my dear?" Aubrey asked, drinking from her water bottle while waiting for Nova to speak.

"I got near perfect marks on my draft!" Nova shouted and Aubrey's eyes widened.

"Oh my God!" She shouted, leaping into the girl's arms. Nova had been stressing about her grade for the longest time and near perfect was way more than what the green-eyed girl expected.

"That's awesome, Nove!" Aubrey squealed as the soccer player twirled her around.

"It was your idea. You're so awesome." Nova mumbled shyly into her neck, putting her down gently.

Aubrey leaned back a little to stare into her green eyes, cheeks ablaze.

"Thank you." She whispered. They were so close, noses almost touching.

Neither of them moved. They released shallow breaths that the other could feel on their lips. Their eyes locked, curious and hungry for one another.

In a blur, the small distance was closed off by Aubrey who captured Nova's plump bottom lip in between her own.

Nova moaned softly, taken by surprise. Aubrey was kissing her.

Oh fuck, Aubrey is kissing me, she thought.

The instant she pushed her best friend away, she regretted it.

She could easily read the confusion, hurt, sadness and anger that flashed across Aubrey's face.

With that, Aubrey stood back and made her way to the bathroom, slamming the door shut and sliding down it.

Fuck, I just ruined everything, Aubrey thought.

She buried her head in her hands with tears running down her cheeks while thinking about what had just happened.

Nova stood shocked for a good ten seconds before her mind caught up with her and she was then standing in front of the bathroom door, banging on it.

"Aubrey. Open up, please! Just let me explain!" Nova said, finally processing the last few minutes.

"G-go away!" Aubrey demanded but Nova wasn't taking 'no' for an answer.

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