Chapter 25

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"Lo, wake up."

"Papi." Camila husked out. With a bite to Lauren's earlobe, the green-eyed girl woke up straight away.

"Good morning." Camila said, laying on Lauren's back and hugging her from behind.

Lauren groaned dramatically. She wasn't the most graceful person in the morning, but she was willing to try for Camila.

"C'mon love, it's Monday." Camila cooed to Lauren who had turned her face down into the pillow.

"What time is it?" Lauren mumbled, trying to figure out how much extra sleep she could get.

"8:13." Camila said and Lauren turn around which made Camila end up straddling her knees.

"Ugh Camz, we don't have class until ten! Let me sleep." Lauren furrowed her eyebrows.

"Oh, I know. I just wanted to have a nice...Long...Shower before we left." Camila purred, squeezing Lauren's thighs with each pause.

"O-okay." Lauren stuttered out, eyes wide now.

"Let's go." Camila said standing up. Her ass covered only by her lacy underwear, and the big white t-shirt resting on her backside.

After brushing their teeth, Lauren almost choked when she saw Camila stripping the white shirt off revealing her bare chest, as well as removing her panties and throwing them at Lauren who caught them effortlessly.

Lauren quickly spit out the remaining toothpaste and walked forward in almost a trance, stripping her own clothes and hopping into the shower excitedly.

She was immediately pushed up against the wall, lips being attacked and moaning as her centre met Camila's smooth thigh which wedged between her own.

Lauren soon learned how slick and smooth Camila's body was as her hands ventured over the tanned skin. Meanwhile, Camila noticed the same thing as she started kissing and nipping at Lauren's neck.

Slowly, Camila made her way down to Lauren's collarbones, her breasts and focused on sucking and biting her pink nipples. Finished teasing them, Camila trailed her way down her stomach and dropped to her knees, placing soft kisses along pale skin and making her way to Lauren's shaved centre.

"C-Camz. P-Please." Lauren begged. Intertwining one of their hands, Camila leaned in and drew circles on Lauren's clit with her tongue, giving it fast and rough licks which earned a loud gasp from Lauren. Gripping Camila's hair with her free hand, she pushed her head in closer.

Camila took her other hand from the wall and quickly gripped Lauren's ass to push her hips out, giving Camila more access to her dripping heat.

"How does it feel, baby?" Camila mumbled into Lauren's pussy. Lauren whimpered at the vibrations.

"S-so so good. I'm so close." Lauren replied breathlessly. Camila proceeded to slam her tongue into Lauren's tight entrance, earning a loud moan. If it wasn't for Camila's hand on her ass, Lauren would've fallen down.

"Come for me, Lolo." Camila cooed, her mouth tasting like toothpaste and Lauren.

"C-C-Camila!" Lauren yelled a few moments later while hot liquid rushed into Camila's mouth.

"Damn, baby." Camila husked while letting go of Lauren's hand and entered her quickly with two fingers. That soon threw Lauren into another mind blowing orgasm that had her knees shaking.

Eventually, Camila pulled out but before she could suck on her fingers, Lauren grabbed them.

Camila smirked and stood up, bringing her wet fingers to Lauren's mouth who greedily took them into her mouth.

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