Chapter 13

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[10:23 am]

Mama: Lauren, my friend is having lunch with her daughter at the same place


[11:23 am]

Mama: Lauren? Are we still on for lunch with your girlfriend at noon?


[11:45 am]

Mami: Karla, I'm heading over to the restaurant now. My friend is also meeting her daughter there.


[11:50 am]

Camzi🍌: fucking shit Lauren

Lolo🙊: oh fuck, we're going to be late!

Camzi🍌: you fucking tired me out last night!

Lolo🙊: well you shouldn't have put yourself in a situation like that!

Lolo🙊: get ready. I will be there in 5.

Camzi🍌: oooo bossy Lauren. I like that.😏

Lolo🙊: not the time Camz. That's what got us here in the first place.

Camzi🍌: fine... Daddy

Lolo🙊: stop


15 minutes later, Camila was just finishing up her make-up. Not having enough time to do her hair, she put it in a loose ponytail and prayed she looked good.

A knock at her door caused her to almost poke herself in the eye with her mascara. Probably one of the scariest things she'd ever experienced.

Camila heard the door being opened and some snarky comment from Dinah to her "girlfriend."

"Camz, are you ready to go-" Lauren asked, walking into the bathroom but froze when she saw Camila.

She was wearing high-waisted white ripped skinny jeans, tan heeled boots and a peach crop top with a pretty gold necklace that hung to just below her boobs.

Camila blushed when she noticed Lauren's dropped jaw. She couldn't help but noticed how hot Lauren looked as well in her black skinny jeans, black combat boots and a dark navy blue long sleeved crop top with a black bomber jacket tied around her waist.

Both girls admired each other for another 30 seconds before Lauren switched into gear.

"You look amazing babe, but my mom is waiting." Lauren said, not taking her eyes off Camila's butt as the shorter girl finished up her make-up.

Damn, white jeans make her ass look even more amazing, she thought.

"Andddddd, done. Why, thank you babygirl, my mom is waiting as well. Hope you're ready to meet her." Camila said interlacing their fingers as they left Camila's apartment.

"Only if you're ready to meet mine." Lauren countered as they made their way to Lauren's little blue Honda Civic. It wasn't the nicest car, but she bought it herself and was very proud.

"Nice whip." Camila said then blushed when Lauren opened the passenger door for her.

Lauren chuckled and ran to the other side since Clara had asked why Lauren was running late, which she blamed on her period.

She started the car and handed Camila the aux cord. Camila gasped and pretended to be flattered.

"What? Are you sure? This is such a big step in our relationship!" Camila squealed enthusiastically and Lauren couldn't help but giggle at Camila's cuteness.

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