Chapter 8

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[7:34 am]

Lolo: Camz please

Lolo: I'm really sorry

Lolo: I just thought the question was okay since we both act like sex is nothing..

Lolo: I was honestly really stupid and I shouldn't have pushed

Lolo: Camila, please?

Lauren didn't get much sleep. Her thoughts were of the brown eyed girl and what triggered the younger Cuban. It obviously had something to do with Camila's first time. Sure, she may have over reacted but Lauren couldn't exactly bash the girl's actions. If Camila had asked the same question, she wouldn't have wanted to answer it anyway. Just thinking of it reminded her of Nick.

This caused Lauren to scream into her pillow. A similar scream that Mani remembers all to well as Lauren had outbursts like this at least once a week.

It was hard for Lauren to think of Nick when Camila was all she thought about now.


Camila sighed as she read the onslaught of messages that Lauren just sent her. She was still in bed, as she barely got an ounce of sleep last night too.

It was all Lauren's fault. Half of her thoughts were filled with the green-eyed girl she had only two pictures of. The other half were memories with Alex. Two years, she wasted two years of her life on the piece of trash and she swore she would never fall again.

That's why she didn't answer Lauren's messages.

Lauren made her feel some way and it had only been a week. Imagine if she gave her more time, or if they actually met in person. Camila just didn't want to get played again.

Nick is the reason why Lauren acts the way she does. Just like Alex is the reason why Camila acts the way she does. They don't want to get hurt again.


"You don't look so good, Chanch." Dinah observed as Camila sat down on a stool at the kitchen counter.

"Thanks." Camila muttered, grabbing her cereal and bowl.

"What crawled up your butt this morning? And why aren't you ready for school?" Dinah asked concerned at her best friend's appearance.

"I'm not going." Camila admitted. Dinah looked at her for a second while waiting for the reason. Camila sighed.

"Lauren asked about my first time last night." Camila revealed and Dinah tensed. That was a sensitive subject.

"And you..." Dinah asked, wondering if Camila opened up to Lauren. Camila only ever told one person about her ex-boyfriend and that was Dinah.

"I pushed her away." Camila said bitterly. She was blaming Lauren for asking a basic question and she hated it.

"Mila..." Dinah said, walking over from her spot on the couch and hugging the girl.

"Go to class Dinah. I'll see you later." Camila said, pouring herself some milk.

"Are you coming to the party?" Dinah asked hopefully. Maybe some alcohol or a pretty girl is what Camila needed.

"I don't know D, I'll see how I feel later." Camila admitted. She knew Normani was dragging Lauren to the party and she wasn't sure if she was ready to meet Lauren yet.

"Well I'm going over to Mani's to get ready. So, if you do, you can meet us there?" Dinah asked as she was standing halfway through the front door. Camila just nodded.

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