Chapter 1

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Lauren: Hey there ;)


Camila: uh, hi?

Lauren: Are your legs made of Nutella?😏

Camila: Cause I just want to spread them? try again babe

Lauren: fuck

Camila: you?

Lauren: yeah, now?

Camila: I just finished some girl off actually.. soo, I'm pretty tired and gonna get into bed

Lauren: oh, really? I'm in bed too...

Lauren: but I'd rather be in yours

Camila: clever! definitely gonna save that one for future use

Lauren: thanks babe. You want to be the iceberg?

Camila: so you can be the titanic and go down on me? Nope.

Lauren: fuck

Lauren: I'm gonna say that your legs are like an Oreo cookie

Camila: so you can split them open and eat the good stuff inside?

Camila: c'mon fuckboy, I've used way better shit than this

Lauren: ooh, you're feisty.. I love that in a girl.

Lauren: wanna know what else I love in a girl?

Camila: an idiotic brain to fall for these shitty lines?

Lauren: my fingers.

Camila: uh? not your dick?

Lauren: kinda would be hard doing that.. Since I don't have one

Camila: ohhhh, so I'm dealing with a fuckgirl?

Lauren: well apparently I'm dealing with one too, considering you know all my lines

Camila: ;)

Camila: How'd you get my number?

Lauren: my bestie gave it to me and added a wink on the end.. sooo I just went for it

Camila: I don't know how your best friend got my number but you can both fuck off

Lauren: aww, come on baby girl, play nice now

Camila: omg, just stop.. obviously you can't fuckgirl a fuckgirl

Lauren: what's your name?

Camila: why?

Lauren: because you seem like a good wing woman

Camila: Camila.

Lauren: ooh, that's a pretty name for I bet an even prettier girl

Camila: ...😷

Lauren: 😋

Camila: what's yours then, second best fuckgirl in the world?

Lauren: that would be Lauren to you, peasant

Camila: hmm not bad. Nice to meet you, Lauren

Lauren: likewise

Camila: lol goodnight Lauren

Lauren: night princess ;)

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