Chapter 7

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[8:31 am]

Lolo: Camz!

Lolo: you can't just say stuff like that

Lolo: fuck, now I'm thinking of a strap on and... fuck.

Lolo: also, good morning, baby girl.. I'm sorry I fell asleep.

Camz: 😏

Camz: good morninggg, pretty princess

Lolo: princess? What the fuck

Camz: well you won't let me call you the d**** word or the L*** word otherwise strike two will happen..

Lolo: which words are they?

Camz: you know what they are.. I'm not saying them

Lolo: please, I seriously am so confused rn

Camz: I'm not saying them😉

Lolo: just checking to see if you'd give in😇

Camz: better luck next time

Camz: have to go to class now.. so I will speak to you later, pretty princess😏

Lolo: I'm contemplating on whether I want to punch you in the face or kiss that fucking smirk off of it


[10:14 am]

Camz: the second option would be better

Lolo: yes it would😉

Camz: when are you gonna come and do that then?

Lolo: during break? my class finishes in 17 minutes

Camz: class only just started for me so that's not gonna work😭

Lolo: fuck.. whenever we try to meet, there's always shit in the way

Camz: i knoooow. i wanna meet you (and do other things to you) so badly

Lolo: it'll happen one day, baby girl😘

Camz: hopefully soon😍 your ass is mine

Lolo: claiming me already?

Camz: relationships still aren't my thing, Lauren😉

Lolo: you'll have to tell me why that is

Camz: i will. brb, gotta write notes😭

Lolo: bye baby x


[11:32 am]

Lolo: wanna play a game?

Camz: yes. i love games.

Lolo: the question game?

Camz: explain the rules

Lolo: well I'll ask you a question, then you answer it.. then you ask me a question, and I'll answer it. pretty basic😉

Camz: what's the purpose of this game?

Lolo: i wanna know more about Camila, the fuckgirl

Camz: sounds like fun. go go go😏

Lolo: ever skinny dipped?

Camz: if fucking some girl in the pool naked counts, then yeah

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