Chapter 17.5

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After another round, both girls lied on the bed, butt naked and panting.

"You're getting good at that." Normani observed.

"We're getting good at that." Dinah agreed since it takes two people to scissor.

"I hope Camila didn't hear us." Normani said, looking worried.

"She's probably out with Lauren. You know... She told me she thinks she's falling for Lauren." Dinah said paying close attention to Normani's body language when she mentioned Camren.

Normani tensed, which is not what Dinah expected.

"Babe?" Dinah said looking at her girlfriend, but Normani avoided her gaze.

"Babe. Look at me." Dinah commanded and Normani gave in.

What Dinah saw in her eyes, could only be described as... Guilt?

"Mani?" Dinah said softly, begging her girlfriend to explain.

"We-we put Camila in this." Mani choked out. She felt so guilty and she had her assumptions about how Camila felt, but now she was certain and she hated it.

"This? This what?" Dinah asked confused, caressing Normani.

"With Lauren! I thought- we thought we could change her but you just can't stop her!" Normani yelled ready to say what she's been hiding for the last two weeks.

"What?" Dinah asked both confused and angered.

"The first night, when they were pretend dating, I caught Lauren sneaking out. She gave me some bullshit excuse and I knew she was going to fuck some girl. She came back tired and her hair was a mess, but I knew, just knew it wasn't Camila." Normani revealed.

Dinah clenched her fists in anger.

"She-she what?" Dinah gritted out. Normani tried to grab Dinah's hand but the girl flinched away.

"That's your bestfriend! Is she just going to dump Mila like that after she gets her fuck? After everything?" Dinah asked and Normani looked down in shame.

"That's why I'm telling you. You need to get Mila to distance herself. Fuckgirl Lauren won't leave. Not after what she's been through. Mila's a nice girl. I don't want her caught up in Lauren's past." Normani alluded to Lauren's past, but all Dinah knew was Camila's. 

"You think Camila's life has been sunshines and rainbows? There's a reason why she is the way she is!" Dinah yelled and her girlfriend sat wide eyed.

Dinah noticed this and instantly calmed down.

"I'm- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you."

Before Normani could respond, the front door could be heard opening. A second later, Camila's voice was heard.

"Dinahhhh, dinnerrrrrr."

Which was basically just the leftovers from the Italian place her and Lauren just went to.

"Tell her." Normani said before kissing Dinah harshly, putting her clothes on, and leaving.

"What was that about?" Camila asked chuckling but stopped when she saw Dinah's serious face.

"Cheech? What's wrong?" Camila asked concerned.

"It's about Lauren."


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