Chapter 25.5

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Last tedious class finished, Normani excitedly made her way to her girlfriend's class to see her before she went home.

Thinking about the pretty blonde girl, she was so lucky to have someone like Dinah in her life and she couldn't help but feel completely in love with her but thought it'd be way too soon to come out and say it.

Rounding a corner, Normani stopped dead in her tracks. Her previous thoughts suddenly escaped as soon as she saw a smiling buff guy who had his hand on her girlfriend's forearm.

What is he fucking doing? Normani thought.

She was contemplating on whether or not to go and separate the two. Those thoughts also vanished when she saw Dinah laugh along with the guy.

Normani had never been so angry in her life. She spun around quickly, deciding that Dinah had better things to do that afternoon, and sadly made her way home.

She didn't get to see when Dinah pushed the guy's hand away and how she laughed at the ridiculous comment that came out of his mouth when she told him about her beautiful girlfriend.


[3:15 pm]

My Queen: baby, where are you? are you still coming to see me?

Mani Bear: no. I had to head home sorry.

My Queen: babe, you could've texted me.. I've been waiting here for half an hour..

My Queen: I thought your maybe class got out late or something.

Mani Bear: half an hour isn't that bad

My Queen: yes it is? I've been bored shitless

Mani Bear: yeaaaah okay

My Queen: why are you being so weird?

Mani Bear: I'm not, go talk to your boyfriend

My Queen: my boyfriend.. What are you talking about?

My Queen: you do realise that YOU are my girlfriend right?

Mani Bear: you seemed pretty close with Adam earlier

My Queen: oh.. You saw him with me..

Mani Bear: yep, so run along, be with him :) bye!

My Queen: ughh

My Queen: you're annoying, I'm almost outside and you better be there when I get there


Normani threw her phone to the other side of the bed and sighed heavily. Did she want to talk to her girlfriend about what she saw? No. She trusted Dinah, but why was she laughing along with the really attractive guy? What was his hand doing on her arm?

Three loud bangs knocked her out of her thoughts.

"Normani, get your ass to the door, now!" Dinah's muffled shouting could be heard from the front door.

Sighing again, she picked herself up slowly and made her way to the door. Opening it, she wasn't prepared for the harsh shove she received or the pair of lips that attacked hers.

Coming to her senses, she pushed Dinah away and scowled at her.

"What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to run along." Normani asked angrily.

"Don't be so stupid, Normani. What did you exactly see? I didn't do anything!" Dinah replied in the same tone.

"Flirting with him isn't exactly nothing." Normani scoffed.

"Flirting?! Are you being serious right now? I wasn't flirting with him, at all." Dinah replied, hurt that Normani could think that.

"Yes, you were. You gave him the smile that you give me...His hand was even touching your arm!" Normani mumbled sadly.

"Could you please shut up? You really don't know what you're talking about." Dinah folded her arms across her chest and took a step towards her angry girlfriend.

"Don't tell me to shut up, Dinah. I know what I saw!" Normani yelled.

"I'm with you, Normani! Why would I flirt with him when I have you?" Dinah yelled back.

"Why wouldn't you?" Normani choked out. This was their first fight and she absolutely hated it.

"Because I love you! Don't you get that? I didn't flirt with him! He was hitting on me but I told him about you. I couldn't help but laugh at his stupid fucking reply. He said that lesbians are missing out because dicks are amazing. You didn't see when I said strap-ons are better than his tiny dick or when I pushed his hand off of me and walked away." Dinah shouted out.

Wait, what? Normani's cheeks were on fire.

"Uh, what did you just say?" Normani asked nervously.

"You really want me to shout all that out again? I will if you want me to!" Dinah was furious right now.

"Your first sentence. Repeat it." Normani said, a small grin forming on her face.

"Because I love you." Dinah said, not realising what she said and confused as to why Normani was smiling.

"Think about what you just said, Dinah." Normani didn't think she had been this happy before.

"Shit." Dinah muttered and scratched the back of her neck nervously after noticing what words she had actually said.

"Yeah, shit." Normani laughed.

"Stop laughing. It slipped out!" Dinah commented. She was so embarrassed.

"You love me, baby?" Normani reached out to grab Dinah's hand and intertwined their fingers.

"Yes, but I'm still mad that you thought I would actually flirt with someone else." Dinah squeezed her hand.

"Look, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have walked off like that and I definitely shouldn't have yelled at you before." Normani closed the short gap and gave her girlfriend a tight hug.

"I'm sorry too. Just please let me explain stuff next time before you think the worst." Dinah whispered back, squeezing her tightly.

"Hey, babe?" Normani asked quietly while still wrapped up in their warmth.

"Yeah..?" Dinah kissed her neck slowly.

"I love you too."


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