Chapter 29

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Two and half years later...

[7:27 am]

Laur: today is the day!!!!!

DJ: ffs Lauren, it's too early

Laur: Dinah Jane Hansen. Get the fuck up.

Laur: you need to help me!

DJ: why are you awake so early on a Saturday, child?

Laur: Dinah please, everything has to be perfect today

DJ: you graduated yesterday, you think you would sleep in 😒

Laur: I'm outside your door!


[7:27 am]

Mila: today is the day!!!!!!!

Mani: you're lucky I'm volunteering early today.

Mani: Dinah would kill you if you texted me this early and woke her up.

Mila: I'm so fucking excited.. I'm about to explode.

Mani: did you and Lauren not do it last night? you're too hyper

Mila: oh, we did it alright 😏

Mani: ew.

Mani: bye.

Mila: mani!! wait!

Mila: you promised!

Mila: Dinah said she's taking Lauren shopping or something so we have to go get it soon!

Mani: I'm leaving now Mila, ffs

Mila: yay, I love you 😁

Mani: yeah yeah, I just hope you know that you owe me

Mila: yea yea, hurry🙊


[12:04 pm]

Dinah had just dropped Lauren off at her apartment.

"Don't forget dinner tonight. I want to hear everything!" Dinah said, pulling away from the curb.

Lauren turned around shaking her head while holding Camila's surprise in her arms until she heard Dinah's voice again.

"Okay! Maybe not everything!" Dinah said before driving off a second time. This earned a chuckle from Lauren as she made her way up to her and Camila's apartment.

They had graduated yesterday, Lauren had already gotten an internship under one of the college professors working on abstract art. As for Camila, she was steadily working on her first novel.

Before Lauren could open the door, she heard Camila's voice from inside and froze.

"No!" Camila whined.

"C'mon, stay still, baby!" Camila complained and Lauren was curious as hell but she couldn't just let Camila see her surprise yet.

She wasn't supposed to be home for another hour. Normani said she was taking Camila shopping or something.

Deciding that now was as good as time as any, Lauren opened the door and walked in.

"For fuck's sake, Normani this thing won't stay sti-" Camila said but when she turned around, she knew her plan was ruined.

Lauren stood dumbstruck. There rolling around the floor was a black ball of fur. Camila was crouched down next to it holding a white collar, with a noticeable piece of jewellery hanging on it.

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