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"Lauren!" Normani finally yells, drawing the green eyed girl's attention from her phone.  

"What?!" Lauren yells back at her best friend, quickly locking her phone. Normani just glared at her from her seat on the other couch.  

It's Sunday night which is their traditional chill night where they spend all morning doing school work, all night chilling out and watching TV in their two bedroom apartment in the middle of buzzing Los Angeles.  

The two had been friends since their freshman year of high school in Miami. Normani is a Physical Therapy student at the University of Southern California and Lauren is studying Art at the University of California: Los Angeles.  

Deciding to live together since nobody knew each other better, they bought their own place, thanks to some help from their parents.  

"You better not be doing what I think you're doing." Normani said, narrowing her eyes at the Cuban who looked up with innocent eyes.  

"I'm not doing anything, Mani." Lauren tried to say but squealed when Normani threw herself off her couch and onto the recliner Lauren was on.  

In all the commotion, Lauren lost her phone which is exactly what Normani wanted as she put in her password.  

"Nothing huh?" Normani growled, showing Lauren's screen that had appeared when unlocked.  

Lauren: c'mon babe, just one 

Mackenzie: I don't know... 

Lauren: what if I go first ;p 

Mackenzie: deal.  

Lauren: *picture attached*  

Lauren: don't tell anyone ;)  

Normani raised an eyebrow at the nude that was obviously not Lauren. She had the displeasure of seeing her best friend naked more than once.  

Lauren looked down in shame but couldn't help but giggle a little at Normani's unimpressed face.  

Normani kept reading.  

Mackenzie: that's hottt 

Mackenzie: a deal is a deal 

Mackenzie: *picture attached* 

"Really Lauren? Wasn't fucking that poor girl in the bathroom of that party enough? You had to go and elicit nudes from her?" Normani yelled.  

"It's not my fault! She made it so easy!" Lauren yelled trying to hold back her laughter of the situation.  

"God, why are you such a fuckboy?" Normani asked even though she knew the answer. Lauren immediately tensed up.  

"You know why. It's not like I let her touch me." Lauren muttered before getting up and snatching her phone back.  

"I'm going to sleep. Goodnight." Lauren muttered, not failing to slam her bedroom door, causing Normani to cringe. She knew better than to bring up Lauren's past.  

Well there goes Sunday chill nights, Normani thought just as her phone buzzed. She smiled at the contact. It was a friend she had made at the bakery around the corner. She was the owner, which is surprising since she looked and acted like a kid sometimes, but was an absolute positive influence to be around. 

Ally: Hey Mani, another friend and I are baking at my place, want to join us? I think you two would get along! x

Knowing Lauren from past experiences, she wasn't coming out tonight, so Normani decided she could use some sunshine in her life.  

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