Chapter 14

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[7:21 am]

Lolo🙊: ugh, can't believe we're back at school already. Spring break went so fucking fast😭

Camzi😁: I know :(

Camzi😁: I want to cry

Lolo🙊: it was such a good week though, hanging with you and our moms :)

Lolo🙊: as well as the couple of days with Normani and Dinah.. they're such horny bitches

Camzi😁: YESS!

Camzi😁: if I hear their annoying ass moans again.. fucking hell, I dunno what I'll do.

Lolo🙊: lmao don't lie, it totally got you wet baby

Camzi😁: the only thing that makes me wet, is you

Lolo🙊: glad I can be that person for you

Camzi😁: always will be!

Lolo🙊: sooo Camila, what're you doing later after your classes?

Lolo🙊: want to do something fun with me?

That almost sounds like a date proposal, Camila thought excitedly.

Camzi😁: um

Camzi😁: are you asking me on a date?

Lolo🙊: well, no..

Lolo🙊: just hanging out as y'know, friends?

There's that word again. Friends. Camila hated it, especially when it was associated with the beautiful green eyed girl. She doesn't think they could be classified as just 'friends' anymore.

Camzi😁: ohh..

Camzi😁: Okay. Well, yes I'd love to :)

Lolo🙊: sweet then! I'll pick you up around 6:30pm, so be ready baby. x

Camzi😁: okay! can't wait to see you. have a good day daddy. x


[2:35 pm]

Camzi😁: what am I supposed to wear?! Where are we going???

Lolo🙊: idk, just casual clothes.. Jeans and a shirt? Bring a jacket just in case.. And where we're going is a surprise ;)

Camzi😁: okay. I hate surprises :(

Camzi😁: seeya later cutie x

Lolo🙊: bye, lovely x


[6:25 pm]

Lauren parked outside of Dinah and Camila's apartment complex and exited her car with sweaty palms. This wasn't a date, but it certainly felt like one. She was so nervous, but she shouldn't be because it's only Camila.

After taking the stairs two at a time, she wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans before knocking on their door. After waiting a few minutes, she was about to knock agai-

The door suddenly swung open, revealing a very red faced Dinah.

"Umm, hi Lauren! What are you doing here?" Dinah asked while slightly out of breath.

"Hey. Uh, coming to pick up Camila. Are you okay?" Lauren replied.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I was just umm, doing yoga in my room!" Dinah replied, with still very red cheeks.

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