Chapter 10

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[7:34 am]

Lolo: why the fuck am I awake at this hour on a Sunday morning!!!!

Lolo: oh I know why

Lolo: Normani and Dinah have been going at it all fucking morning

Lolo: "mani, ohh, faster baby, ohh I'm gonna com- oh my god"

Lolo: "D, slap it again please, harder"

Lolo: I think I'm suddenly deaf

Camz: Lauren, shut the fuck up

Camz: just because you're awake at this hour, doesn't mean everyone else has to be😒😒😒

Lolo: hi Camzi😘

Camz: don't, I'm mad at you

Lolo: Camzi, please

Camz: you're so annoying

Camz: and cute

Camz: but what the fuck was Dinah slapping?!?!

Lolo: I don't know, but it made me feel sick so I've been listening to music super duper loud for the past 23 minutes

Camz: oh

Lolo: tbh it turned me on but then I was thinking how it's basically my sister fucking her girlfriend lol

Lolo: can't be getting off to incestuous stuff

Camz: it turned you on?😂😂😂

Lolo: Camila, shut up

Lolo: I haven't had an orgasm in a really long time and I'm really emotional and horny OKAY

Camz: why are you emotional? you birthing the blood diamond?

Lolo: what?

Camz: shark week?

Lolo: what?

Camz: parting the Red Sea?

Lolo: no.. Camila, are you high?

Camz: omfg, you're so dumb

Camz: ARE

Camz: YOU

Camz: ON

Camz: YOUR

Camz: PERIOD?!

Lolo: ohhh

Lolo: yeah😭

Lolo: my cramps are fucked

Lolo: I feel like a walrus

Camz: why a walrus? lmao

Lolo: fat.. bloated.. ugly

Camz: you're not fat but you're kinda ugly

Lolo: 😭 fuck you

Lolo: I'm going, bye

Camz: are you serious?

Camz: you better not be serious

Camz: fuck, you're serious

Camz: you're not ugly

Camz: you're beautiful, OKAY?!

Camz: ily (kinda)

Camz: bi bi for now

Lolo: always have to joke about something, don't you

Camz: I'm sorry

Lolo: you're annoying, and I'm still going so bye

Camz: aw :( I'll miss you

Lolo: bye

Camz: bye :(


[3:20 pm]

Camz: are your cramps better? I want to hang out with you

Lolo: no

Camz: are you still mad?

Lolo: no

Camz: oh good

Lolo: yes

Camz: why are you replying like that?

Lolo: because

Camz: lmao bye then

Lolo: bye :)

Lolo: oh wait, you really went

Lolo: I was only messing around

Lolo: I want to hang with you too

Lolo: reply, Camzi

Lolo: imy

Camz: ha

Camz: Dinah wants me to go to movies with her😒

Camz: I hate going there.. popcorn is good though

Camz: okay gtg, bye x


[8:27 pm]

Camz: Lauren?

Lolo: I'm sorry, I ended up falling asleep!!

Lolo: how was it? I really wanted to hang with youuu

Camz: we can during spring break week, i promise😘

Camz: was alright! popcorn was bomb af like normal

Lolo: FUCK YES, I totally forgot it was next week!!!!!!!!!!!! My period does crazy shit to my memory

Lolo: you're such a dork

Camz: I know! You mentioned earlier about Mani being your 'kind of sister'.. but do you have any siblings? how's your fam? we've never spoken about it

Lolo: I do :)

Lolo: my family is amazingggg. When I came out, my parents pretty much said "we know" and were absolutely fine with it. I have a little brother named Chris and a little sister named Taylor. they're cute! What about you?

Camz: aw, I'm so happy to hear that!

Camz: welll, when I came out, my parents were kind of weirded out by it and didn't really know if what I was going through was a phase or not. When they realised it wasn't a phase, they became more accepting and they're happy that I'm happy. Oh, and I have a little sister named Sofi. She's adorable.

Lolo: I'm glad they're fine with it now! I couldn't stand it if my parents hated me for it, but unfortunately that's what happens sometimes

Camz: I know, it's horrible😩

Lolo: anyway

Lolo: wait, someone's knocking on the door, brb

Camz: wtf, same!!!

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