Chapter 19

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The party was loud. The people were loud. And the girls were loud.

How did it end up like this? Both Camila and Lauren thought as they ravished the necks of two girls that weren't each other.

Things were going so well, until Normani and Dinah dragged them to each other.

Dinah having told Camila the truth also acted dry with Lauren, but Lauren couldn't care any less. She was more focused on the way Camila was treating her.

Once Dinah and Normani had left to go dance, leaving the two girls alone for some god-forsaken reason, Lauren finally asked her.

"What is your problem?" Lauren asked desperately, looking into her favorite brown eyes but not finding the girl she was beginning to fall in love with.

"What problem?" Camila asked sarcastically as she downed a beer, throwing it away and accidentally splashing some of the remnants on a blonde sorority girl.

She stared angrily at Camila who didn't flinch.

"Oh, I'm soooo sorry. Let my friend go clean you up." Camila said rolling her eyes, pushing Lauren toward the blonde.

"Camz." Lauren called out but the girl was gone.

"Hi there." The blonde smirked at Lauren but the green-eyes girl just ignored her and followed after Camila.

"That was fast." Camila observed once she noticed Lauren following her. 

"What are you doing?" Lauren asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"Just giving the fuckgirl some help. You wanted me to be your wing woman, remember?" Camila said dryly, her eyes forming into slits.

Lauren had just about enough of this. Two could play this game. She was hurt obviously because all Camila saw her as was a fuckgirl, and she was going to show her how right she was. She shouldn't have feelings. Feelings are for the weak.

The blonde from before walked by and was instantly grabbed by Lauren.

"That girl that spilled her drink on you. She can get you a lot more wet than that." Lauren whispered into her ear before thrusting the blonde into Camila who was instantly caught in the blonde's blue eyes.

"Hey there." The girl purred as Camila's hands remained where they caught her, on her ass.

"Let's go." The girl whispered before dragging Camila off.


When Camila returned, the girl was satisfied but Camila felt dirty. Lauren smirked at her but on the inside, she had never wished to be a blonde with blue eyes so badly.

"Bring. It. On." Camila gritted before grabbing another girl.

"See that green-eyed girl?" She asked the shy red head who nodded timidly in answer.

"She can make you scream, with just one finger." Camila husked and the girl was all over Lauren suddenly.

It continued on like this almost all night. Camila and Lauren sending random girls to each other to be thoroughly fucked in anger in one of the mansion's various bathrooms.

But, it was Lauren that pushed it too far.

"Milz!" Hailee shouted after spotting Camila, who had just been released from the clutches of a cheerleader.

"Haiz!" Camila's mood instantly brightened at her friend.

"What are you doing here?" Camila asked, Hailee wasn't much of a partier.

"Just trying to have some fun, maybe get laid." Hailee chuckled, but that was answered with a growl by Lauren who appeared behind her.

"I like that idea." Lauren husked and Hailee shivered. "Hailee, right?"

Hailee just nodded while Camila rolled her eyes.

"Did you know that Camz here-"

"Just fuck her." Camila bit out harshly. Both girls stared at her wide eyed. Brown met green in a furious battle.

"M-maybe I will." Lauren threatened her even though she only came to talk to Hailee as a way to make Camila jealous.

"Good." Camila answered dryly, not even giving them a second look. This caused Lauren to drag Hailee away.

It was that with Hailee and Lauren, Camila realised Lauren didn't care about her. So with that, she stormed out of the party. Dinah noticed Camila leaving and instantly became angry at Lauren for making her best friend cry.

"You go find Mila and make sure she gets home. I'm gonna go take care of Lauren." Dinah muttered angrily.

"Dinah, don't kill her." Normani replied.

"No promises."


Dinah walked into the bathroom where Lauren sat alone in front of the toilet. She had given Hailee twenty bucks to tell Camila she had gotten fingered if she asked.

"You fucking asshole." Dinah spat out bitterly.

"What?" Lauren asked confused.

Dinah sent Normani after Camila because she had her own plans for Lauren. A plan called a poly beat down.

"You think you can just make Camila feel something again, and treat her like every other fuckboy out there? I thought you were different. Mani said you were different!" Dinah yelled, slapping Lauren's cheek.

Lauren didn't respond. She was too focused on hanging her head in shame and pondering what Dinah had just said.

"I-I made her feel again?" Lauren asked hopefully. But Dinah was beyond furious. She wanted that slap to hurt Lauren, not encourage her to mock her bestfriend.

"You bitc-" but before Dinah could raise her hand, Lauren stopped her.

"I think I'm in love with her." Lauren stated seriously.

Dinah furrowed her eyebrows at what she thought was the lamest attempt at getting out of a poly beat down ever.

"As if, you fucked all those girls tonight, and who knows how many since you started messing with Mila's head!" Dinah defended but Lauren refused to be ignored.

"I haven't slept with one girl since I met Camila!" Lauren revealed and Dinah scoffed.

"Yeah right, Normani said you went and fucked some girl the night you started dating Camila." Dinah said using air quotes around "dating".

"I was going to, because Camz scared the living shit out of me. I've liked her since the moment I met her. I needed to get rid of those feelings." Lauren tried to explain but Dinah scoffed again.

"I didn't even go through with it!" Lauren yelled with so much compassion that Dinah was actually starting to believe her.

"I got there but I couldn't stop thinking about Camila. Please, I'm telling the truth, I thought about it yesterday and I know what I feel for her right now. I really like her. I think- I think I love her." Lauren mumbled the last part. Dinah scrutinized the Cuban before her eyes widened when she realized Lauren was telling the truth.

Camila hadn't slept with any girl that night either. They were all drunk enough to believe the random girls got fucked, but all they really got were a few hickeys and a smack on the ass at most.

"Well, what are you still here for Lauser?" Dinah asked using her nickname for Lauren. That caused the green-eyed girl to look up with hopeful eyes.

"Go get her."


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