Auva - Part 1

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This story has done amazingly well in our eyes so this is a sort of thank you. We loved the original ending and this will serve as a little fun 5 part sequel of Aubrey and Nova.

Choosing the characters was pretty hard, so we did our best. Here's the cast list.

Megan Fox as Nova
Zendaya as Aubrey
Stephen Amell as Oliver
Kendall Jenner as Kendall
Jake T. Austin as Jake
Alex Pettyfer as Tyler
Grant Gustin as Barry

We hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Nova and Aubrey are the same height in this.😋



"Nova Jauregui-Cabello!"

"She's still knocked out, babe." Camila giggled at her wife who was trying to get their daughter's attention.

"I just want her to take in the scenery. Los Angeles is still a beautiful city, even after all this time." Lauren stated looking around the city where she met her wife and two of her children were born.

"Do you think that Nova choosing UCLA is a coincidence?" Camila asked the beautiful woman she has spent the last twenty-two years with.

"She knows how much we loved the school. You and I have seen just how talented she really is. I think it was a good choice by her." Lauren argued as she turned down some familiar streets in the rental car.

"You know...Dinah told me Aubrey was going to UCLA too. She chose it over USC." Camila said, remembering her best friend's shock at her daughter's choice to not attend her parents' alma mater.

"Do you think Nova is into girls, as well?" Lauren asked her wife curiously.

"Well, she did use your stupid pick up line on Aubrey at that party a month ago." Camila teased and Lauren chuckled.

"And Dinah couldn't have yanked her away any faster. I can't believe she kept Aubrey away from Nova for the rest of the day. Do you think our baby would tell us...If she is gay?" Lauren asked, confused about why their daughter wouldn't open up to them. They were obviously okay with being gay. Why wasn't Nova?

"Let's just help her settle in. Maybe this space will help her communicate with us better." The best-selling author decided and the artist nodded.

"Yes ma'am." Lauren grinned as they arrived at their old college. Although many years have passed, the school still looks how it did when they were there, except it now has a few little upgrades.

"Nova, sweetie, we're here." Camila cooed.

Bright green eyes opened and Camila was hit with a wave of nostalgia from watching Lauren wake up like that over the years.

"Are we there yet?" Nova asked,  stretching her toned legs.

As top Soccer player in high school, she hated being cramped up in a car for too long. A goal of hers is to make it onto the UCLA Bruins' soccer team.

"Use those eyes I gave you and look for yourself." Lauren nagged and Nova rolled her eyes before looking out. The campus was absolutely beautiful. She smiled as her mothers made their way out of the car.

Luckily, they were able to ship all of Nova's stuff early and it was waiting for her in her room, as well as her roommate.

"Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello!" A voice called out.

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