Chapter 4

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At first, Camila wasn't touching herself as she was just entertaining Lauren, but after seeing her picture and talking to her more, she found herself in the compromising position of her hand down her pants.

This isn't normal, Camila thought. She never had the urge to masturbate while sexting any girl, but with Lauren, it felt different.

To Lauren, it was the same. She would never be in this position. Holding her phone with her left hand while fingering herself on her bed. She didn't even think to lock her door. So when midway through her heated text to Camila, Normani walked through the door and that third finger did not find its new home but somehow, her other finger did find the send button.

Her phone practically went flying in the air, similar to Camila's when Dinah walked in and caught her in the same position.






Now, the two pairs of girls sat awkwardly in the masturbating girls' bedrooms.

"Are we not going to talk about this?" Normani asked, sitting on the very edge of Lauren's bed.

"What's there to talk about?" Lauren asked, narrowing her eyes.


"You were sexting someone!" Dinah exclaims to a very red Camila.

"That's not true! It was -uh- porn!" Camila shouted when she thought of the word.


"You haven't watched porn in ages! You'd rather just rub one out in the bathtub!" Normani chuckled.

"It- it wasn't working today!" Lauren countered, avoiding eye contact.


"Bullshit, Camila, whose hands were you pretending were down your pants?" Dinah asked.


"Was it that Mackenzie girl?" Normani asked.


"No!" Both Camila and Lauren scoffed. They had completely forgotten about Mackenzie.

Both of them didn't want their best friends to know that they were touching themselves to someone else. It was one of their golden rules. Fuck, but don't get fucked.

Eventually, they just gave in to their best friends' stares.

"Camila." "Lauren." They both muttered at the same time. Dinah and Normani froze. They did not expect that. They both wanted to squeal, but kept their cool. Their plan may be working faster than they expected.

"Interesting..." Normani observed.

Dinah on the other hand...

"Dinah get off of me!"

"Is her sexting game on point? I need answers!" Dinah said while laying on top of Camila.

"Please stop!" Camila shouted while pushing Dinah away from her.

After Dinah calmed down, Camila changed the subject, as did Lauren.

"So, tell me what was so important that made you interrupt my me time." Camila said, getting comfortable in her bed.

Dinah grimaced.

"Firstly, ew. I never want to see that again. Secondly, I went on a date with Normani." Dinah said quickly.

Camila squealed excitedly for her bestfriend.

Lauren just gave Normani a high five.

It wasn't until they both started droning on and on about the date that both Cubans realized that they should've kept their doors locked.

While Dinah was distracted talking admirably about Normani, Camila pulled out her phone.

Camila: so, want to finish what we started?

Lauren: fuck yes, my dirty girl


"So then she payed for dinner and she was so nervous when I- oh hell no." Dinah said glancing at her bestfriend.

Camila looked up with a red face as her hand was unceremoniously rubbing her pussy through her sweats.


"You're kidding me right?" Normani asked unimpressed after catching Lauren in the same compromising position as Camila.

"You know what, y'all finish your nasty ass business. I expect to be the maid of honor at your wedding!" Normani shouted as she left Lauren's room.


"You know I don't do relationships!" Both girls yelled as their best friends returned to their own rooms.

After getting comfortable in her bed, Normani decided to message the cute girl she was with earlier.

Normani: hiiii, it's Normani :)

Queen D: hello :) omg, Camila is so whipped.

Mani: so is Lauren hahah

Queen D: operation Camren?

Mani: idk why I was able to figure out what Camren was.

Queen D: maybe I'm rubbing off on you

Mani: 😏😏😏

Queen D: ffs I'm surrounded by fuckgirls

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