Chapter 20

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Camila was curled up into a ball on her bed. Normani had come home with her, making sure she was okay, no matter how much Camila insisted she just drank something foul.

Normani knew it was a lie but decided that the smaller brown-eyed girl needed space. She just hoped her girlfriend didn't kill her best friend because that was her job.

A knock on the door brought Camila out of her thoughts.

Assuming it was Mani checking up on her again, she walked to the front door and opened it.

"Mani I said I'm... Fine." Camila finished when her brown eyes locked with the sad green ones in front of her.

"H-hey." Lauren stuttered out meekly.

"What do you want, Lauren?" Camila asked, almost ready to slam the door in her face.

"I came to apologize-" Lauren started but was cut off.

"For fucking all those girls? For fucking one of my close friends? I thought we were getting better than that." Camila spat harshly but Lauren wasn't going to leave until Camila knew the truth, about those girls and how she felt.

"No!" Lauren said stepping forward, causing Camila to back up into her own apartment.

"You don't even feel sorry? God you're such a bit-"

"I did not fuck any of those girls!" Lauren yelled, startling Camila.

"You don't need to fucking lie about it, Lauren." Camila yelled back.

"Camila, shut the hell up. I didn't fuck any of those girls." Lauren said through gritted teeth.

"So what, now you're not proud of it?" Camila said, narrowing her eyes. She was done with Lauren lying to her, she didn't need this in her life again.

"I was never fucking proud of it, Camila, and I'm still not proud of it!" Lauren said, now closer to Camila's face.

Camila was backed against a wall and she didn't even know it. It was as if Lauren's mouth was a moth and Camila's the flame, because a second later, they were kissing harshly.

No, I shouldn't, but God... Both girls thought as Lauren stopped kissing Camila and started attacking her neck with her tongue and teeth.

Camila was furious. If Lauren thought she was going to fuck her then, she could think again.

"Lauren!" Camila's previous thoughts left her mind and she moaned embarrassingly loud when Lauren sank her teeth into Camila's sweet spot.

"You think I could fuck any of those girls with you looking so fucking sexy tonight?" Lauren husked into Camila's ear.

Gripping her legs and almost forcing Camila to wrap her legs around Lauren's waist, the green-eyed girl picked her up and led her to Camila's bedroom.

"All night, all night, I just wanted to ravish you, but you had to keep sending those girls my way." Lauren said angrily as she threw Camila onto the bed and started removing Camila's shirt. Camila's hands tugged at the bottom of Lauren's shirt.

The older girl complied and threw it off. Both girls in just their bras and jeans as they continued making out roughly.

"But, you had no problem apparently, especially with Hailee. My friend." Camila bit out while she gripped Lauren's clothed ass as hard as she could.

"I. Didn't. Fuck. Any. Of. Them." Lauren spat out, a harsh suck to her neck between each word.

Camila's neck was littered with hickeys so Camila wanted to level the playing field. She flipped them over and started attacking Lauren's exposed neck with licks and harsh bites.

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