Chapter 28

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1 year later...


"Oh. Shit." Dinah muttered from where her and Camila were hiding in the closet.

"Shut the fuck up." Camila whispered but Lauren heard her.

The closet door was thrown open. Lauren stood there angrily while holding a broken picture frame.

"Uh, hey there babe." Camila squeaked. Lauren just narrowed her eyes at her.

"When I told you to pack this in the box, what did I say?" Lauren asked.

"To be careful?" Camila asked nervously.

"And were you?" Lauren asked again and Camila sighed.

"No..." She muttered.

Lauren leaned in really close so only Camila could hear.

"That's strike three baby girl. You'll get your punishment once I'm moved into your apartment." Lauren husked and Camila's eyes widened.

The brown eyed girl ran out and began packing Lauren's things quickly and carefully.

"Damn lesbians." Dinah chuckled as she unpacked her own stuff to be put into Lauren's old room.

Normani and Dinah wanted to move in together but didn't want to buy a new apartment. After the two couples talked about it, Lauren and Camila decided to live in Camila's place and the other two were to live in Normani's place.


"I'm so happy to be almost finished with the unpacking. You know, you were pretty bad today." Lauren said in a lust filled tone as she left the bathroom, butt naked.

She proceeded to crawl to Camila on the bed who was caught off guard.

Camila whimpered as she felt Lauren straddling her thighs and a pair of lips press to her neck hungrily.

"C-can't say that I'm s-sorry." Camila stuttered out.

"You will be." Lauren said while starting to take off Camila's pants slowly. Becoming impatient, Camila took them off herself.

"Tsk tsk tsk, Camila. Impatience isn't becoming." Lauren teased but Camila growled and grabbed Lauren's ass forcefully.

Lauren removed her hands.

"Sorry babe. You first. You need to be punished." Lauren winked and stood up, making her way to one of the boxes by Camila's dressers.

In the meantime, Camila stripped her shirt and bra off. Her jaw dropped when Lauren turned back around. She felt heat flood straight to her core as Lauren stood in front of her with a bright purple strap-on attached to her hips.

"Normani really didn't know what she bought me." Lauren husked and Camila gulped.

Lauren used a finger to motion Camila over and Camila walked over in a trance.

"What do you want, Camz?" Lauren asked her long time girlfriend.

"Please," Camila begged, grabbing Lauren's new length.

"Please what?" Lauren encouraged.

"Fuck me." Camila whispered shakily.

Lips quickly connected, Lauren didn't hesitate to slide her tongue into Camila's mouth. Lips and tongues in sync, Camila gave Lauren a harsh bite on her lower lip. With a gentle push from Lauren, Camila fell back onto the bed.

Lauren proceeded to straddle the smaller girl and connected their lips once more in a heated kiss. Her right hand wandering, Lauren's fingers made their way to Camila's small breasts. Giving her nipple a tug, she switched hands to give the other side the same amount of attention.

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