Chapter 26

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[9:42 am]

Camzi Baby: Good morning, baby

Daddy Lolo: Good morning, beautiful!

Camzi Baby: do you wanna have lunch with me later?

Daddy Lolo: I would but I have a workshop during lunch :(

Daddy Lolo: but I'll see you at the party tonight!!

Camzi Baby: I better see you there.

Camzi Baby: if not, that's strike two.

Daddy Lolo: what was strike one???

Camzi Baby: leaving me alone for lunch today

Daddy Lolo: awww baby :(

Daddy Lolo: I'm sorry

Camzi Baby: I'm kidding babe, I'll see you tonight!

Daddy Lolo: of course

Daddy Lolo: I need to pay attention or I'm gonna fail

Camzi Baby: don't fail for me baby

Daddy Lolo: I won't! Even if I did, you'd still love me.

Camzi Baby: that I would, princess

Daddy Lolo: love you too sweets


[9:15 pm]

Doing her makeup for the random house party later on, Camila found herself thinking about a lot of things including her current relationship and her former one.

Against her will, she thought of Alex who was her first boyfriend, first love and first heartbreak. She then thought of Lauren who was not at all like Alex. She was kind, sweet, great in bed and very caring. Most importantly, when Lauren said she loved her, she meant it.

She was so happy to have met the green-eyed girl and couldn't believe that someone like that would like, no, love someone like herself. Being loved back felt amazing and she hoped to feel this way for a very long, long time.

Finished with her hair and makeup, she slipped into a short peach coloured dress that showed off all her assets as well as thigh-length black heeled boots to then head out the door.


[10:07 pm]

The party was in full bloom when the five girls arrived.

"I can't believe you guys dragged me to a party." Ally complained.

"C'mon Als, we don't get to hang out with you a lot." Lauren complained too, side hugging the girl.

"What do you mean? You guys come to the bakery all the time for free food." Ally said with an accusatory glare while the other four girls avoided said gaze.

"Anyway! Drinks?" Dinah asked with a grin and grabbed Normani's hand, ready to pull her away.

The three other girls nodded as the couple made their way towards the back of the house.

"They do know the kitchen is that way?" Lauren asked, pointing towards the front of the house.

Camila raised a knowing eyebrow and Lauren sighed.

"I'll be right back." Lauren said, walking off to get them drinks.

But not before Camila grabbed her wrists and pulled her into a heated kiss.

"Hurry back." Camila demanded and Lauren nodded vigorously before leaving behind a giggling Ally and smirking Camila.

"You guys are really cute." Ally said and Camila blushed.

"Thanks." She mumbled.

"What's wrong?" Ally asked as she noticed that Camila's face wasn't exactly showing pure happiness.

"I'm worried we're moving too fast." Camila voiced her concerns. She wasn't worried about whether she loved Lauren or not, because she did. She knew it in her heart.

"How so?" Ally asked, stepping closer so she could hear the brown-eyed girl's small voice.

"We've said that we love each other already. Like...Isn't it way too quick?" Camila huffed, leaning against a wall. Ally contemplated her words for a moment before speaking.

"Love...Love isn't something you can measure in units of time." Ally started.

"You can spend a lot of time with someone and not fall in love with them, but all it takes is one second to fall in love. I think if you're both honest and you both care about each other, then there's no reason why you can't love each other." She finished.

Camila smiled. "Thanks Ally, you really-"

"Hey there, beautiful." A deep voice said in Camila's ear.

She turned around to face the intruder and was met with a tall man who had a tattoo sleeve on his right arm, an undercut and a trimmed beard. He looked like the definition of a typical 'fuckboy'.

"What's your name?" He tried again but Camila had turned around.

He placed a hand on her shoulder so she would face him, which made her sigh loudly.

"Look, dude. I'm not interested. My girlfriend is coming back soon." Camila said, trying to show the boy that she's not interested.

"Girlfriend? Now I'm even more interested." The boy said, leaning in closer. That's when Camila tried to push him away.

"Get away from her." Ally tried to help but the boy was having none of it.

"Stay out of this-" He started but was cut off by a sharp punch to his jaw.

"I would've listened to the girl." Lauren said, standing over the boy she never wanted to see again.

"L-Lauren?" The boy asked. A crowd had formed around them, with Normani and Dinah making their way to a wide eyed Camila.

"Nick?" Normani asked after seeing Lauren's old flame.

Lauren crouched down to level with Nick who was holding his jaw.

"Nicholas. If I ever, I mean ever, see you near my girl or me again, I will not hesitate to cut off that tiny thing you call a dick. Got it?" Lauren growled and the boy just nodded and got up, effectively leaving the party in a rush.

Lauren took a deep breath, her fist shaking uncontrollably. Camila made her way over to her and grabbed the hand. Her knuckles were already bruising.

"Baby-" Camila tried but Lauren stopped her.

"I need to go." Lauren said turning around and starting to walk out.

When she felt the cool night air, she sighed in relief. Seeing Nick again definitely triggered something in her. Instead of curling up into a ball like she figured she would, she ended up punching him. She finally realised that she is definitely over him now.

"Okay, let's go." Camila said, appearing next to Lauren.

"You don't have to leave-" Lauren started but Camila kissed that sentence out of her.

"I love you. If you're leaving, I'm leaving too." Camila said firmly, intertwining their fingers. Lauren just nodded.

It's funny how different life can be when someone loves you back.

Having driven Camila's car to the party and not finishing her first drink, Lauren lead the way and opened the passenger door for Camila to jump in.

"Where are we going, babe?" Camila asked confused.

"Well, we're going someplace quiet. I uh, I wanna tell you." Lauren said quietly.

"Tell me what?" Camila asked, looking into Lauren's sad eyes.

"About why I was a fuckgirl before I met you, Camz."

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