Chapter 16

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[10:34 am]

Camzi😻: Lauren!

Lolo🙊: good morning, baby☺️

Camzi😻: where did you go?😔

Lolo🙊: I'm sorrrrry, I had class at 9:30 and I didn't want to wake you up. You looked way too fucking cute.

Camzi😻: AWWWW Lolo

Camzi😻: I would've woken up for you

Lolo🙊: stop being so god damn cute

Lolo🙊: by the way, there's breakfast in the kitchen for you

Camzi😻: you're the fucking best!

Lolo🙊: I know I am😋

Lolo🙊: anyway, gotta go ace a pop quiz. I'll talk to you later, babygirl.

Camzi😻: cocky butch

Camzi😻: bitch*😏

Camzi😻: good luck, byeee baby!


Camila couldn't help but smile at the covered plate which had a sticky note on it.

'Dinah, this belongs to Camila. Don't eat it or I'll pour hot sauce on Normani's strap on.

Camz baby, this food is for you. I hope you have a great day <3'

After squealing internally, she looked at what Lauren cooked for her and couldn't help but laugh.

The plate was full of waffles, chocolate syrup and sliced bananas, one of Camila's favorite breakfasts.

She couldn't help the butterflies that were swarming in her stomach when she thought of Lauren. And that absolutely terrified her.


[12:12 pm]

Camzi😻: your waffles tasted so so good omg

Lolo🙊: I'm an amazing cook

Lolo🙊: I think I have something that tastes better

Camzi😻: oh yeah? What is it?

Lolo🙊: my pussy

Camzi😻: what does it taste like?

Lolo🙊: Pepsi cola obviously

Camzi😻: maybe should come over more often and let me have a taste

Lolo🙊: it would honestly be my pleasure

Camzi😻: hmmm, we should arrange it then

Lolo🙊: what are you doing later?

Camzi😻: I might ask my little friend to keep me company

Lolo🙊: umm, do you mean me? I'm not that little though

Camzi😻: nope, not you

Lolo🙊: uh.. who then?

Camzi😻: mr buzz

Lolo🙊: who the fuck is that???

Camzi😻: he's so amazing, he could probably make any girl scream

Lolo🙊: oh. okay.. can't you just tell me already?

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