Chapter 3

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[11:14 pm]

Lauren: quite disappointed with you because it has been hours and your mouth isn't near my pussy

Camila: sorry, I got uh distracted with a girl in my music class

Lauren: cheating on me already babe?

Camila: lol yeah

Lauren: how bout you send me a real picture now?

Camila: why?

Lauren: so I can put a face to the girl in my dreams

Camila: do you ever stop fuckgirling?

Lauren: maybe one day 😉

Camila: ugh

Camila: fine.

Camila: there ya go

Camila: there ya go

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Lauren: whoa

Lauren: I bet your pussy is as pretty as your face

Camila: you'll just have to wait and find out 😉

Camila: your turn.

Lauren: fine, since you're all sexy and shit..

Lauren: 😏

Camila: dear lord

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Camila: dear lord

Camila: I just want to bend you over and make you screammm

Camila: ARE THOSE your fucking eyes??!

Camila: omgomg nose piercing

Camila: I am not okay rn

Lauren: awh baby, you want me to come over and make you feel better?

Camila: oh yeah? How so?

Lauren: you have no idea what I'd do to you if I was there right now

Camila: door's unlocked

Lauren: ughhh. If Mani wasn't coming home soon, I'd be over there so fast to fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked

Camila: hmm, guess I have to keep you occupied in the mean time then

Lauren: my bed is pretty lonely right now..

Camila: what are you wearing?

Lauren: just my Bob Marley shirt.. no underwear

Camila: fuck

Lauren: mhm. you better be naked for me right now

Camila: I am, Laur

Camila: tell me what to do

Lauren: I want you to tease yourself for being so naughty today

Camila: naughty? what do you mean?

Lauren: suck your pointer and middle fingers until they're really wet, then slowly slide them down your neck until you reach your nipples and pinch them for me

Lauren: I mean fucking that girl from music instead of coming to fuck me. That was naughty.

Camila: oh godd

Camila: sorry for being naughty but this is a two way street, babe. I want you to strip your shirt off and do the exact same.. in that pretty little head of yours, picture me playing with your perfect pink nipples

Lauren: fuck, that feels so good

Camila: mm I know baby

Lauren: reach down to your pussy and slowly rub your clit for me now

Camila: oh my godd Lauren keep going

Lauren: imagine I'm the one rubbing your clit..

Camila: oh fuck

Lauren: fuck I can just imagine you with your tiny little hands on that perfect pussy, I'm so wet Camila

Camila: I want you to fuck yourself now, for me

Lauren: already happening baby

Lauren: good this feels so g


Lauren: omfg

Camila: Dinah fucking walked in on me WHILE I WAS FUCKING MYSELF

Lauren: Mani did too! She just about caught me easing another finger inside... You should've seen her face😂😂

Camila: hahaha that's amazing

Lauren: cockblocks for sure

Camila: cockblocks? Don't you mean twat swatters or clam jammers? We don't have cocks, baby

Lauren: wow😂

Camila: anyway...

Lauren: oh no. Mani wants to talk to me. Save me please😭

Camila: Dinah wants to talk too😭

Lauren: guess I'll see you in hell, princess

Camila: good luck, baby girl

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