Chapter 2

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[10:42 am]


Lauren: hi

Lauren: play with yourself or something

Camila: can't. my vagina is bleeding.

Lauren: shit...

Camila: sorry babe, better luck next time.

Camila: entertain me

Lauren: how bout you actually pay attention?

Camila: how bout you send me a nude?

Lauren: how bout after class? ;)

Camila: mmm, okay! professor keeps looking at me, brb


[11:30 am]

Camila: finally finished that shitty ass class

Lauren: cool, send me the nude now

Camila: I'll send if you send😏

Lauren: deal.

Lauren: *attached photo*

Camila: you've got to be kidding me...

Camila: *attached photo*

Camila: I use the same fake nudes!! 😂

Lauren: she's so fucking sexy

Camila: ugh, I know.

Camila: by the way.. you mentioned that your friend gave you my number. how does she know me?

Lauren: Normani?

Lauren: hold on, I'll ask her


[11:35 am]

Lo: Mani! the number you gave me.. Where'd you get that?

Mani: umm.. you know Ally? The bakery girl?

Lo: yeah?

Mani: well she introduced me to a girl named Dinah, who is hot as fuck and is actually Camila's best friend😍


Mani: stfu


[11:38 am]

Lauren: welll, she said that Dinah (idk who that is) gave it to her

Camila: I'm gonna text that fucker


[11:40 am]


Cheech: uh oh

Cheech: don't kill me

Chanch: why did you give my number to a complete stranger?! 

Cheech: okay... sooo

Cheech: there's this girl

Chanch: Normani?

Cheech: yesssss

Chanch: aw is my little dick lover going gay?

Cheech: stfu

Cheech: anyway, I met her through bakery girl Ally.. And ohh my, she's so fine😍

Chanch: you're crushing real bad bby

Cheech: shut up. Anyway, she mentioned how she has this pretty little best friend who might just be interesting to talk to

Chanch: she definitely is😂


[11:45 am]

Camila: want to get some lunch?

Lauren: What do you want to eat?

Camila: you?

Lauren: 😏

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