Chapter 11

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Camila stood in front of her open apartment door. Dinah was out thankfully, so the two wouldn't start gossiping.

"Hola, Mija." Sinu smiled as she hugged her daughter. Camila melted into the hug.

"I didn't know you were coming." Camila stated as they walked into the apartment. It was a bit messy as Dinah was looking for something before heading over to Normani's. Probably something Beyoncé related.

"One of my friends wanted to visit her daughter so I came with her to see you!" Sinu said proudly.

Camila furrowed her eyes.

"Mami, you don't have friends whose daughter goes here?" Camila made sure of it before she started fuckgirling it up in Los Angeles. She didn't need anyone snitching on her. Or for her to accidentally fuck over someone her mother knows.

"She's a new friend, Mija. I met her at the grocery store a few months ago. Your father and I have been hanging out with her and her husband." Sinu clarified as she looked around the apartment, chuckling at the mess which was no doubt left by her daughter's best-friend.

"Where is Dinah?" Sinu asked curiously.

"Oh, she's with her girlfriend." Camila said without thinking.

She really wished she could take that back.

"Girlfriend!?" Sinu asked, with a glint in her eyes.

"Yes, mami." Camila groaned. She knew where this conversation was going now.

"Look at that. Dinah got one before you did." Sinu observed with a tight lipped smile.


"Karla I know it's your business but ever since Alex, I can't say I approve of your choices-"


"Your father and I weren't too happy and we were hoping that coming out here would make you more mature and stop with all of the bringing girls home business."

Before Camila could defend herself, her phone started ringing.

She furrowed her eyebrows but they softened when they saw the contact picture.

"Who's that?" Sinu asked curiously after noticing her daughter's change of expression.

Camila knew she was going to regret this but she had to prove her mother wrong.

"It's my girlfriend." Camila said, answering the phone. Sinu sat there shocked. Wanting to give her daughter some privacy, she excused herself to the bathroom.

"Hello?" Camila answered unsure of why Lauren was calling.

"Camila, I need you to be my girlfriend."



Lauren stood dumbstruck in her doorway where her grinning mother was standing with a sole suitcase.

"Lauren!" Clara shouted, hugging her daughter and inviting herself in.

Lauren shook off the shock of seeing her mother and melted into the hug. She really missed her family. She hadn't seen them since winter break two months ago.

"What are you doing here?" Lauren asked still surprised but now with a smile on her face.

The mother and daughter made their way to the living room sitting down on the couch.

"My friend is here visiting her daughter as well and she asked me if I wanted to come along." Clara responded with a grin.

"A friend? Since when did you make those?" Lauren asked playfully which earned a glare from her mother and a light shove.

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