Chapter 22

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[2:03 am]

Camzi Baby: Babe, I can't sleep :(

Daddy Lolo: what's wrong, baby girl?

Camzi Baby: oh! you're awake

Daddy Lolo: I woke up for you.

Daddy Lolo: now.. tell me what's going on in that pretty mind of yours

Camzi Baby: you.

Camzi Baby: I don't know how you expect me to sleep alone after getting used to sleeping with you :(

Daddy Lolo: I'm sorry baby, I thought I would talk to Normani but she has been ignoring me.

Camzi Baby: what are you going to tell her?

Daddy Lolo: well, are you okay with telling them about us...?

Camzi Baby: I mean.. Dinah already knows how i feel

Camzi Baby: And I assume she told Normani...

Daddy Lolo: um

Daddy Lolo: Ally knows how I feel about you...

Camzi Baby: wait

Camzi Baby: why tf does Ally know??

Camzi Baby: why didn't you tell Normani?

Daddy Lolo: if I told Normani, she would tell Dinah, who would tell you.

Daddy Lolo: I was scared...

Camzi Baby: scared I wouldn't like you back?

Daddy Lolo: yeah..

Camzi Baby: guess you didn't have to worry ;)

Camzi Baby: right, girlfriend?

Daddy Lolo: I love it when you call me that

Camzi Baby: almost as much as you like me calling you daddy?

Daddy Lolo: don't push it baby

Camzi Baby: I love it when you call me baby.

Daddy Lolo: hey, you should get some sleep💕

Camzi Baby: but I want to talk to you :(

Daddy Lolo: I want to as well baby girl, but I'm falling asleep :(

Daddy Lolo: if you go to sleep now, I'll take you on our first date tomorrow.

Camzi Baby: we already had our first date remember? When we went roller skating?

Daddy Lolo: oh... when you pretended to be bad so I would hold you? 😏

Camzi Baby: you're such an ass

Camzi Baby: and don't say you are what you eat. You are not eating my asshole.

Daddy Lolo: 😒

Daddy Lolo: that wasn't an official first date btw

Daddy Lolo: this one will be 

Camzi Baby: where are we going?

Daddy Lolo: it's a surprise ;)

Camzi Baby: you're such a fucking cliche.

Camzi Baby: but fine. I'll go to stupid sleep ugh

Camzi Baby: what time should I be ready?

Daddy Lolo: around 11? I want to talk to Mani beforehand x

Camzi Baby: okay, I'll be waiting Lolo :)))

Daddy Lolo: goodnight, baby girl

Camzi Baby: goodnight

Camzi Baby: .. papi

Daddy Lolo: Jfc baby

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