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Kaia POV

I stare at my phone, my mouth hanging open.

Once I started getting popular, I knew there would be some hate, but it still threw me off guard.

Louis noticed how I tensed up and asked me, "What's wrong?"

I showed him the notification.

He bit his lip before saying, "Kaia, promise me you won't let these things on Twitter bother you. Don't take them to heart. I know it can really affect someone but you need to promise me you won't take them seriously."

"I promise," I say, nodding my head and closing my phone.

"Everyone gets hate, Kai," he says, hugging me closer into him. "You just need to show them how it doesn't bother you."

Quietly, I nod again.

He gives me a kiss on the cheek, but my mind still lingers on what that person said.

Kaia is so not for Louis.

I can't remember what it was like before Louis was in my life. And to think, there are people out there who are hoping that it doesn't work out between us. It blows my mind.

I shake my head and shove my phone back into my pocket.



I'm now sitting crossed legged on Harry's bed, having a chat.

"Oh! I have an idea!" I say excitedly. "Let's play twenty questions, to get to know each other a bit more."

"Okay," Harry smiles. "I'll go first."

"Alright," I smile.

He begins to think of an idea for a question.

"Do you have any siblings?" he asks.

"No, actually," I reply. "I'm an only child. Who's your best friend in 1D?"

"I can't choose," he shrugs. "They're all my lads. When did you meet Kaia?"

"Year one. We were sat beside each other at the little tables and we became friends right away. We never drifted apart, we never fought... Anyway, what's your favourite animal?"

"Cat. I have one," he says, flashing his cheeky smile. "What's your middle name?"

"Rose," I reply. "Lia Rose Stokes. What was your favourite subject in school?"

"In primary school I enjoyed math but in secondary school I liked P.E. What was yours?"

"I liked art and music," I smile, knowing he likes music as well (obviously.) "Where in the world do enjoy visiting the most?"

"All of it," he says, his eyes getting starry. "I enjoy every place, every song, every stadium, everything about touring. Except the extreme jet lag. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

"Hmm..." I think to myself. "I dunno. I'd like to travel all over the world, to be honest. Maybe... Italy. I've always wanted to go to Italy, and try some real Italian pizza. I'm a foodie. What's your favourite colour?"

"Orange," he says. "What's your favourite food?"

"I can't choose. Favourite movie?"

"I love The Titanic. What's your favourite movie?"

"The Wizard of Oz. If you weren't in One Direction, where would you be?"

"Come on, you're a fan. Didn't you watch The X Factor? I'd be a lawyer."

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