- III -

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Louis POV

(One week later)

"Hey Lou" Niall says, walking into the room. "Who's the girl?"

I turn to him. "What do you mean?"

"You're on the cover." Niall throws me a magazine and sure enough, Kaia and I at Starbucks are on the cover.

See this is why I suggested the Starbucks at the edge of town. Now everyone's gonna come up with stupid rumours or something.

"Well?" Harry asks. "Who is she?"

"Her names Kaia" I reply, still directing my attention to the picture. They took a picture of us hugging. "I went to high school with her."

"Briana's going to kill you if she sees this" Liam points out.

That's true.

"But why were you hugging her?" Harry asks.

"It was nothing like that" I say. "She's an old friend that I haven't seen in ages. That's all."

"Are you sure that's all?" Niall asks, cocking an eyebrow.

Am I sure? I think to myself.

Maybe that's not all. I remember Kaia so clearly from high school. I think I may have had a crush on her.

"Y-yeah" I reply, shakily.

Everyone looks at me with the same expression.

"I'm sure!" I announce.

"If you say so" Liam says, putting his hands up in surrender.

While everyone has their heads turned, I sneak the magazine into my bag so I can look at it later.

"How is Briana by the way" Niall asks.

"Well she thinks I got her pregnant and she wants me to marry her and all that crap" I say.

The boys all know how much I'm sick of Briana's lies.

"Why don't you break it off with her then?" Liam asks.

"She'd kill me if I did" I reply. "No joke."

"I can understand that." Harry snorts. "She's a clingy little b- Briana!"

Just as Harry was finishing his sentence, Briana walked into the room.

"Hello boys" she says ignorantly.

She came over and stood directly in front of me with an angry face. "Who is she?" She demands.

"She's just a friend from high school" I say.

"She's just a friend from high school" she mocks in a high pitched voice. "Seriously though, why were you getting all touchy with her?"

"I was hugging her" I protest. "I haven't seen her in 5 years excuse me for hugging a class mate."

"You don't just hug an old classmate like that!" Briana pouts. "I know hugs, Lou. That wasn't a haven't seen you in a couple of years hug. That was a I'm going to cheat on my girlfriend with this loser hug."

I roll my eyes. This is classic Briana behaviour. Call me off on a little move I made that meant nothing.

Well, it meant something to me. But I can't let Briana know that. She'll decapitate me and then feed me to Kevin.

Briana keeps talking but I mostly try to block her out. I don't know how much longer I can deal with her.

"Louis are you listening to me?" She asks, angrily.

I jolt up and look to Briana who has an annoyed face.

"I don't want you hanging out with that other girl!" She yells.

"You sound like my mum" I laugh.

I look around to see that all the other boys have left the room to give me and Briana some privacy.

"Excuse me?" She asks over dramatically.

"You can't tell me how to run my life, Briana!" I say.

By the look on Briana's face, I can tell she doesn't know what to say.

Instead, she storms out of the room furiously.

A couple moments later, the boys file into the room again.

"What did you do to her?" Liam asks, wide eyed.

"I told her she can't tell me how to run my life" I say. "She mad?"

"Mad is an understatement" Harry laughs.

"Yeah, people should watch out" Niall says.

We all laugh together.

"Bus seriously, though" I start. "This is not going to be a nice couple of days.


Kaia POV

Lia throws open the door and slams it behind her.

"So I'm guessing the date went well?" She asks.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

She throws a magazine my way.

I look at the cover of the magazine to see that there's a picture of Louis and I hugging at our little reunion.

"H-how did they get this picture?" I ask, stuttering.

"He's super famous" Lia says. "You didn't think there wouldn't be paparazzi?"

"Well, no..." I admit.

"Just turn on the tv" Lia says, sitting on the couch next to me.

I push the button on my remote making the black screen flick to a news channel for pop culture.

The reporter, Daniella Lee, is on the screen talking.

"In other news we've had sightings of 1D's Louis Tomlinson at Starbucks with another girl. Videos and pictures have been sent in of them hugging, and chatting up a storm. And what does this mean for Louis' girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth? Will this be the end? Or is this going to be a new celebrity relationship?"

"Oh my god" I stare at the screen in shock. "Did that really just happen?"

Lia has the same reaction as me. We look at the telly with open mouths and wide eyes.

"Oh my god!" I announce again. "Oh my freaking god!"

"Kaia" Lia says. "You're going to be like super famous because of this! There could be cameras outside of our dorm right now. Oh my god is right!"

It's crazy to think about how a week ago I had no idea who this guy was and I had found out that he was my high school crush. Now this is all blowing up way more than I thought it would. All that happened was a simple little coffee date. That's all.

That's all.

My phone buzzes and I look down to see I have a Twitter notification.

Louis_Tomlinson has followed you

"Lia..." I say wearily.

I show her my screen and she gasps.

"Kaia!" She screams. "Louis Tomlinson is following you on Twitter!"

"Holy crap" I say. "This has been a strange week."

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