Rest in peace, Johannah

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Johannah Deakin passed away Wednesday, December 7th.

I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say my heart is broken.

She was 42 years old. She had seven children and a grandchild. One of her children was Louis Tomlinson.

She was actively involved in charity work — especially with children.

She had such a kind heart.

I kind of had a mental breakdown today in math class when I heard the news. And it may or may not be the third mental breakdown I've had this week.

It's not fair. Why do bad things happen to good people? Ernie and Doris are going to have to live their life without a mother. No child should have to go through that in their life. And Freddie will grow up without one of his grandmothers.

My heart broke even more when I saw Zayn's tweet. He and Louis may have had some arguments but he still cares.

I still can't believe this has happened. Johannah was so young and she had so much left to give.

It connects with me on a personal level also because my mom is the same age as Johannah and it scares me to think of my mom being gone that early.

If any of you want to talk about it, feel free to leave a message on my message board or to message me privately.

And to Johannah's family, I know you'll never see this, but you're in my thoughts. You can get through this. Stay strong <3

Talk to you later guys,


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