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(A/N: Please don't judge me at the part near the end of this chapter. I tried, OK?)


"Go fish," Liam says.

I let out a sigh and reach for the pile of cards in the middle.

Liam and I are always home alone, it feels like. Louis and Harry are always caught up in their love lives. They never have any time for us. It's like we're side characters in a story or something. Liam has Cheryl and everything, but he's not with her nearly as much as Louis and Harry. He sees Cheryl an appropriate amount of time. The other boys are just psycho.

"Got any 7s?" Liam asks. I glance down at the ever growing pile of cards in my hands and see the 7 of clubs sitting in the middle. I let out a groan and toss it at his face.

"How 'bout we stop this game," Liam suggests. "Neither of us are enjoying this."

"But we have nothing else to do!" I protest. We've been bored all day.

"We'll figure something out," Liam says, nonchalantly. "We've just got to stop this god awful game."

"Alright," I sigh, once again, and drop the cards I'd had onto the table top. "I'll google 'What to do when home alone.'"

I reach for my phone and click the 'on' button. I'm bombarded with notifications from all sorts  of social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest (don't judge me. A man's gotta love Pinterest)... What threw me off slightly was the amount of concerning comments on Instagram.




'ARE THEY OKKKK?????????'

Confused, I show Liam my phone screen.

"What?" he asks no one in particular. "That's strange. What happened?"

"I'm not sure," I say, very worried for my friends.

I go into my internet browser and immediately Google: Harry Styles and Lia Stokes. Within seconds, many answers have appeared before me. I look at the news section of the search and see articles from different websites with similar titles.

'Harry Styles and girlfriend, Lia Stokes, held at gunpoint at cinema.'

'Superstar threatened with gun while out for movie date.'

"Oh my god!" I exclaim, quickly closing down the browser and going to my phone app. I dial Lia's number as fast as I can. "Liam! Call Harry!" His hands fumble as he attempts to call Harry.

"IT'S GONE TO VOICEMAIL!" Liam screams after hardly any rings. "WHAT DO I DO? HE'S PROBABLY DEAD NOW!"

"CALM DOWN LIAM!" I scream back at him. "JUST CALL AGAIN!"

He nods furiously and goes back to his phone.

My phone, however is still ringing. I'm beginning to grow impatient because usually after this many rings it would have gone to voicemail already.

I was about to give up when I swore I heard the voice of an angel. "Hello?"

"Lia?" I ask, hopefully.

"Yeah?" she asks, confused.

"Are you OK?" I almost scream. At this point Liam had already come by my side, mouthing the word: speaker in my face. I sigh and press the little button. "By the way, you're on speaker, Li."

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