- XXVI -

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Kaia POV

"Lia, are you alright?" I ask my best friend, one day, as she lies sprawled across the couch, coughing and groaning.

"Do I look like I'm alright?" She asks sarcastically in a raspy voice. "I'm sick. My head feels like it getting a thousand buildings thrown at it, my stomach feels like someone tied it in a knot that's impossible to untie and my nose is so stuffed up that I might as well be breathing in rocks. So no... I am not alright."

"Sorry I asked," I reply, putting my hands up in surrender. "When did it start?"

"Last night," she replies, placing her hand next to the side of her forehead, in an attempt to soothe the headache. "I had a minor headache throughout yesterday but it got really bad last night."

"Did you take anything for it?" I ask.

"I had some medication before I went to be but I still stayed up almost all night because of it."

"That's terrible," I say, quietly, shaking my head.

"Kai, could you do me a favour?" She asks, her eyes starting to look a more hopeful look.

"Yeah, of course," I reply, smiling. "What do you need?"

"Could you possibly make me a cup of tea with a little snack?" she asks.

I laugh to myself slightly before replying, "Of course. What are friends for?"

"Thank you so much," she says smiling softly.

I return the smile and get up to make her a cup of tea.


Louis POV

Harry and I are the only ones at the flat right now.

I'm making a sandwich and Harry... Well I'm not quite sure what Harry is doing. He's on his phone but I don't know — and I'm not really sure I want to know — what he's doing.

I'm about to put the top piece of bread on my sandwich when Harry starts dramatically screaming "No, no, no, no, nooooooooooooo!"

It made me jump so high that I dropped the piece of bread on the floor.

"What?" I half ask, half scream at Harry.

"Lia's sick!" He shrieks. "She posted it on Twitter! She said she's 'terribly ill'!"

"Why did you scream?" I ask, still angry at him for making me drop my sandwich.

"Because she's sick," he says in a 'you should have known that' tone.

"You made me drop my sandwich!" I complain.

"Oh, sorry," he says, shrugging. "I was just upset."

"Because your girlfriend is ill?"




"You've officially gone mad."

"I have not!"

"You have! You're practically crying because your girlfriend tweeted that she's ill."

"Terribly ill," he corrects. "We don't know for sure! She could have some rare disease that could kill her within days!"

"Or she could be at home on the couch with a headache," I say. "We also don't know for sure."

"But what if she is going to die!"

"You've known her for less than a few months!"

"But still..."

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