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Being sick definitely sucked but with Harry here, it's a lot better.

With Kaia gone, it's nice to have someone to talk to. Someone who gets what I'm saying.

Harry gets me. He understands me.

"Wait, what?" He asks, deeply engaged in the story I'm telling.

"Yeah, someone just took the bag," I say, nodding.

"They took your shopping bag while you were sitting at a bench at the mall and you weren't looking?" He asks. "That's crazy."

"I know," I nod. "Sometimes it feels like all the bad things in the world happen to me."

"That happens to me all the time!" Harry exclaims.

"Harry you're one of the most famous people in the universe," I point out the obvious. "How could you feel like that?"

"Point taken," he admits. "But sometimes I feel like bad things happen at the worst times."

"I get it," I reply.

"So how much was it worth?" He asks.

"What?" I ask.

"The stuff that someone took," he clears up. "How much was the stuff worth that he stole?"

"Around 150 American dollars," I say. "So... Around €130. It was early in the shopping day so I hadn't spent much."

"Ooh," Harry says in a mocking tone. "Someone's a math expert."

"Please," I say. "I know all about money."

"Oh really?" Harry asks in a suspicious tone. "Care to prove it?"

"Is that a challenge, Mr. Styles?" I ask.

"I believe it is, Ms. Stokes."

"You're on."

"Euro to Canadian," he says quickly.

"Easy," I reply. "One euro equals close to a dollar and fifty cents Canadian."

"I don't know the answer," Harry says. "So I'm trusting that's right."

"It is."

"Euro to Australian."

"One euro equals approximately a dollar fifty-five Australian."

"Euro to British pound."

"One euro is around 0.80 British pounds."

"I'm convinced," Harry says, throwing his hands up in surrender.

"You know a lot about money, yourself," I admit.

"I've been all over the world," he says. "With traveling, comes different types of money. "

"I'd love to see the world," I admit. "Kaia and I've been wanting to ever since high school was over."

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