- XIII -

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Kaia POV

"Thanks," I smile at the barista as I take my daily Starbucks from her.

I turn and see that Lia has already made herself at home.

She has occupied one of the chairs in the corner and has her feet kicked over the side.

She stares, concentrating on her phone.

Harry probably texted her back.

"Harry?" I ask her, sitting in the chair across from hers.

"Yeah," she replies excitedly. "Is it okay if I invite him and the boys to come here?"

"Certainly," I smile.

It's not long after that, four men walk into the coffee shop, their hair freckled with bits of snow.

I wave at them from across the room.

Louis' eyes light up when he sees me. He taps Liam on the shoulder, who was looking around the shop for us, and points in our direction.

The boys stroll over to us, all happy faces.

"Hello ladies," Louis says with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Hey Lou," I smile in return.

I glance over to see Harry's eyes, studying Lia.

"Hi," she says with a shy smile.

"Hi," he replies with an awkward wave.

"You guys are weird," Niall remarks.

I turn to look at Niall. He and Liam have taken the pleasure of sitting in the only other two chairs in the area.

Louis and Harry also seem to come to this realization as they both put on a slightly offended expression.

"Hey!" Louis protests, scrunching up his eyebrows.

"Yeah," Harry exclaims. "Where do we sit?"

"Lou, if you want you can share a seat with me," I let the words fall out from my mouth without thinking.

Louis' face morphs into a small smirk.

"Okay," he replies.

I stand up, allowing Louis some room in the chair.

He walks over, thanks me for sharing the seat, and trips back into it.

I laugh at his clumsiness.

"What are you laughing at?" He asks, grabbing my waist and pulling me onto his lap.

"Louis!" I scream as I fall into cushioned seat.

He sticks his tongue out at me as I roll my eyes.

After our little moment, my eyes drift over to Lia, who is awkwardly shifting in her chair, allowing room for Harry.

"So, girls," Liam says. "What have you got planned for the rest of the weekend?"

"Not much, really," I reply, shrugging.

"We're not really 'plan ahead' people,"
Lia adds. "We just figure it out when the time comes."

Niall opens his mouth to say something but he is interrupted by the sounds of screaming outside the coffee shop.

Louis POV

My head whips to the side to see a group of teenage girls screaming and banging on the window.

"Oh, god..." I mutter.

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