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Louis POV

"Pleaaseeeeeee?" Niall begs along with the other boys.

"No!" I reply.

"But why not?" Liam asks.

"Because I don't think she really wants to be interrogated by three men who are dying to know questions about her life!" I say in Kaia's defence.

The guys thought it would be a good idea to invite Kaia over so they could talk but I didn't think it would be all that great.

Kaia isn't really used to the whole 'fame' thing.

I don't think showing up to our flat would make the world calm down either.

"Come on, Lou" Harry starts. "You're always talking good about her. We just want to meet her."

"You've already met her!"

"True, but Niall and Liam haven't" he points out.

"I just... I don't know if Kaia is ready" I admit.

"We're just inviting her over not asking you to marry her" Niall says.

"Fine" I sigh in surrender.

"Yay!" The boys exclaim in unison happily.

I roll my eyes and walk to the living room where my phone sits on the coffee table.

I begin to type a text to Kaia.

From Louis
Would you like to come over later and meet the boys?

She isn't long replying.

From Kaia
Sure :)

"Tell her to bring her friend!" Harry shouts from the kitchen.

I knit my eyebrows and turn to him, as do the other boys.

"What?" I ask, rather baffled by his comment.

"Lia, was it? Tell Kaia to bring Lia along."

I nod wearily and ask Kaia if Lia is able to come as well.

She replies with a yes.

"Okay! She's coming over at three!" I announce. "Happy?"

"Thanks, Lou" they smile.


Three knocks sounded on the door, later that day.

All of us stood up to get it but I said that I would.

I opened the white door to reveal a smiling Kaia with Lia beside her.

"Hey" she smiles shyly.

"Come in" I smile back, gesturing for her to enter.

Lia follows her into the living room where the rest of the boys look up at Kaia.

I glance over to Harry who's eyes are stuck on Lia.

I don't think Lia notices, though.

"Have a seat" I say, trying to break the awkward silence that has already filled the room.

The two girls sit on the couch.

As the silence begins to grow more and more awkwardly, I clear my throughly and say: "Well, boys. You're the ones who wanted her over. Got anything to say to her?"

"You're beautiful" Harry blurts, instantly covering up his mouth.

Kaia looks a bit startled, as do the rest of us.

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