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That night, when Lia and I arrived back at our apartment, I emailed Wanda Jacobs from the magazine as fast as I could. I asked for some basic, additional information about the job before I agreed.

As soon as I close the laptop, though, I go straight to bed. I know the jet lag is going to kick in soon. I am not looking forward to that.

I brush my teeth, wash my face, and change into my pyjamas (which is just pyjama shorts and a baggy t-shirt) and curl up under my duvet.

I usually have trouble getting to sleep at night. My mind can go crazy, thinking about the most random things. I could stay up all night. This night, however, I fell asleep rather quickly. I was out almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

My dreams are filled with memories of my trip. I wish I could hop on a plane and go again.

I dream that I am on the beach with all my friends. It's only us on the beach, which is nice. We were having so much fun, running around and screaming, but it was calm at the same time. We push each other into the ocean and have water gun fights. My dream switches to Hollywood Boulevard and seeing the stars of all the famous people along the sidewalk. The dream changes again and I am in the restaurant with Louis again. Just Louis this time. We are laughing and chatting about the randomest stuff, as we had before. My whole trip seemed to flash before me in my dream.

It was too soon when my eyes gently fluttered open and the realization came to me that it was all a dream.

Disappointed, I sit up in my bed and am instantly hit with a wave of pain in my head.

The jet lag is kicking in, I tell myself, groaning. I also have a pain coming from my stomach, kind of like I'm going to be sick but not exactly. The other side effect is that despite the probable eleven or twelve hours of sleep I got last night, I was still tired.

I go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water to try and ease the aching I have. Nothing works right away (not that I expect it to).

I decide, about ten minutes later, that it would be better if I just go to a shop and get some pain killers. I was due for a trip to the drug store anyway.

I go back into my bedroom to change into a loose tank top and a pair of jean shorts. I then stick my messy hair into a lazy bun so that it wasn't in my face.

Noticing that Lia was still asleep, I wrote a note and put it on the counter, explaining where I would be if she woke up before I came home.

Gone to drug store. Be back soon. —Kaia xx

I grab my purse and slip on my shoes before heading out the door.

When I reach the outside of my apartment building, I decide on walking to the shop instead of driving because it isn't too far of a walk and it's gorgeous outside. And besides, it's better for the environment.

The fresh air is really great. Hopefully it'll help my jet lag symptoms, at least a little bit.

The walk to the store takes about fifteen minutes so I pass time by singing songs to myself and thinking about what I'll need to get from the store.

It was a pretty quiet day. Only a few cars dashing away beside me, barely anyone walking around. A bit unusual for this part of town, but nice. I was glad to not have to worry about screaming teenagers asking for Louis' phone number or something.

The time ticks away rather quickly, and in no time I'm walking through the familiar glass doors of the shop.

First thing, I go to the aisle with all the medication. I search through the many boxes of pain killers until I find one that I like. I then search through the store picking up some other things I need, like coffee cups to go in my machine (because you know I need coffee), a carton of milk (for my coffee), some gum, etc.

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