- XLII -

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I've been pacing back and forth for what has felt like forever. Why are they not here yet?

"Their plane should be landed by now!" I exclaim, near hyperventilation. "It says the plane should've been landed five minutes ago! Why aren't they here? What if they've died! What if the plane crashed when it landed and they've died! What if—"

"Lia!" Harry interrupts me. "Calm down. Stop freaking out. They're probably just on their way."

"Probably!?!?!" I shout. "Oh no... They've died haven't they. What am I going to do with my life if Kaia's died? She's my only friend! I'm very socially awkward! What am I going to do with no friends!?! Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no."

"Would you relax?" Harry asks. "It takes a while to walk through the airport and find this place after getting off the plane. They'll be here any minute."

Niall and Liam have been sitting down on a bench on their phones for the past fifteen minutes we've been here waiting for Kaia and Louis to get off their plane. I don't know how they're not worried.

I can't wait to talk to Kaia. I want to hear every detail of her trip. I want to feel as if I was the one who went away.

I turn my back to the arrival's staircase and looked at Harry. "I wish they'd hurry up," I sigh, throwing myself into his arms. "I need to see my best friend again."

"I know," he says, rubbing my back to comfort me. "She'll be here soon."

I rest my head on his shoulder for a bit until I hear the sounds of people's shoes clicking on the stairs. I spin around as fast as I can. It's not Kaia and Louis yet but that must mean they're coming.

I turn to Niall and Liam. "You two!" I announce, getting their attention. "Get the sign ready!"

They scramble to hold the neon green Welcome Home poster high in the air. For the first time I can see the poster and how they spelled everything.

"Oh my god," I say to no one in particular. They spelled Kaia like Kaya. "You know what, guys? Let's just not give them the poster."

Confused, they take down the poster and fold it back up again.

I turn back to face the staircase, where more people are coming down the staircase and none of them are Kaia and Louis. The bad thoughts come back in to my mind. My heart starts racing thinking of the worst possible things that could have happened. More people filing down the staircase, still no Kaia and Louis...

But then, they're there and my heart starts pumping faster with a different kind of adrenaline. Happiness.

Kaia's eyes light up the second they come in contact with mine. "Lia!" she shrieks, bolting down the stairs.

I start running towards the bottom of the staircase, meeting her halfway, careful not to bump into anyone. She makes it to the end almost the exact same time I do and we throw our arms around each other quicker than you could imagine. I squeeze her until I feel her head might pop off and she does the same to me. I didn't realize it until now, but small tears had begun rolling down my cheeks. It wasn't a sad cry. It was definitely a happy cry. I don't think I've ever been apart from my best friend for so long. I'm so used to her always being around me. I'm so relieved to have her back.

"I missed you," I say, close to sobbing on her shoulder.

"I missed you too," she says. I can tell from her tone that she's crying too.

"I feel very loved," Louis' sassy voice sounds from behind Kaia.

I take a step back, releasing my friend from a tight embrace. I took at Louis and pull him into a hug as well. "Good to have you back, Lou," I say before stepping back.

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