- II -

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Kaia POV

"How do I look?" I ask Lia, staring at myself in my full length mirror.

"Perfect" she replies, smiling.

I was trying to go for something a little bit dressy but casual at the same time.

Lia helped me pick out a white flowly t-shirt, light jeans and light brown heeled ankle boots. I also straightened my hair and put it into a half-ponytail.

"I still can't actually believe that you are going to meet up with Louis Tomlinson!" Lia cries excitedly.

"Remind me again what the band is called?" I ask Lia. Her face drops with disappointment.

"Are you serious?" She complains.

"I'm just kidding" I joke. "I know it's Two Separation."

"Kaia!" She says in a mad tone.

"I'm joking! Again!" I laugh at her reaction. "One Direction."

"Thank you" Lia says. I continue to laugh at how much she is obsessed.

I wave to Lia and she smiles.

I then grab my sunglasses and my keys and step out of the door.


I wait quietly at one of the outside tables at Starbucks, my coffee I front of me, as I scroll through Twitter.

A million thoughts are racing through my mind.

And no, they're not what you're probably thinking. Oh she's just nervous because she's going to meet Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

If you were thinking that then you got the Louis thing right but not because he's from One Direction. It's because this guy was my high school crush. What if I mess up in front of him? Will he never talk to me again?

A black car then pulls up to the side of Starbucks.

I look up from my phone to see a man step out of the car from the back seat wearing a black shirt and black pants. Tattoos going up both his arms. His brown hair messily pushed over in different places.

I recognize him from the pictures Lia had showed me from Google yesterday.

Holy crap. I think. He has a freaking DRIVER!

I can see him looking around the building and then he looks down to his phone.

I then get a text.

From Louis
Hey. Where are you?

God. He's looking for me.

What do I do? Shout his name? Wave until he sees me? Text him back?

I decide to text him back because if I shout his name or wave he'll probably think I'm a fan or something and push me off.

On the patio

I reply.

His face then turns in the direction of the patio and he makes eye contact. Or at least eye contact with my sunglasses.

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