- XLVI -

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"Lia, I swear to god, if you drop those, I will actually have your head," I say with my teeth clenched as we drive down the familiar roads of London.

I hate driving in London. The drivers are absolutely brutal. Someone once got mad at me for not moving in a drive thru. I'm not supposed to move in a drive thru!

We're going to the boys' house for supper and we're bringing the desserts we made a couple of days ago. We've been trying to hold off on eating them but we gave in just a little bit.

Lia is holding the desserts and I'm absolutely terrified that she'll drop them. The cookies I'm not too worried about because they're in a container but the pie isn't. It's just in a dish with no top on it and it could easily fall out and ruin the hard work we put into it. And lemon meringue pie is my favourite dessert and I would hate to not have it for after our dinner.

"I've got it, calm down," Lia assures me, holding the dish on either side. "Now, would you keep your eyes on the road?"

"I am! I'm a good driver!" I reply. "Please hold that pie steady."

"You need to relax," she groans. "I'm not going to drop it. It'll all be fine."

"We should have put some Saran Wrap over top of it or something," I mumble, shaking my head.

"Chill out, Kai," Lia says.

We go back and forth like this the entire ride. And I mean the entire ride. It was another five or ten minutes until we pull up to the boys' huge house.

I hop out of the car first and rush over to the passengers seat. I open Lia's door and that the pie off the top of the cookie bin so Lia has less to hold. She thanks me and follows me to the front porch.

Lia taps three times on the door. Soon Niall is in the doorway greeting us.

"Hello ladies," he says in his recognizable Irish accent. "Come on in."

We follow his gesture in to the house. I'm still in awe every time I walk in there. It's kind of my dream house.

All the boys are gathered in the living space talking, except for Harry, who I guess is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Harry is probably the most qualified out of all of them to make a nice dinner.

"Hello!" Louis says, standing up to give me a hug. I greet him with open arms and let him squeeze me until I think I might burst.

"Hello," I smile. I sit on the sofa next to him and squeeze his hand.

Harry suddenly comes out from the kitchen wearing a polka dot apron and granny oven mitts.

"Lia!" he exclaims, running over to her. He grabs her by the face and pulls her into a very... Um... Passionate kiss. And it took Lia very by surprise.

Zero to sixty real quick.

About fifteen seconds into the kiss, I heard Louis snicker next to me and shout "Get a room!"

Harry dropped his hands and the two backed away from each other with very red faces.

It was getting uncomfortable for everyone.

Finally, Lia turned to Harry. "I saw you last night, you know."

"I know," he replies with a shrug. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," Lia smiles. "But can we talk about what you're wearing?"

"Don't all chefs wear an apron?" Harry asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

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