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Kaia POV

I bought the magazine, obviously.

I mean, who sees a magazine with something concerning them and doesn't buy it?

I wanted to see what was happening.

I didn't drive right away after getting in my car. I got the magazine and started flipping through the pages, looking for the article about me.

Many pages later, I find it.

In 2015, pop star, Louis Tomlinson began dating Kaia Tyler. In January of this year, Tomlinson became a father to his first child, Freddie. Tomlinson and Freddie's mother, Briana Jungwirth, have come to a custody agreement, part of it being, Jungwirth denying Tyler access to see Freddie.

My mouth hung open.

Is this real? Did Louis know anything about this? He can't have. He would have told me. Like he told me about Danielle that time...

Maybe he did know and he was just not telling me.

I'll show him the magazine, the next time I'm over to his house. Then I'll see if he knew.

I throw the magazine back into the plastic bag from the grocery store and start driving back home.



My sickness is slowly becoming the most annoying thing on the face of the planet.

I want it to go away so bad! Holy crap!

I feel so useless just lying down on the couch, not doing anything.

I get bored when I have nothing to do. So you can probably guess that I am really bored right now.

I've been watching reruns of some sort of uncommon sitcoms for the past four hours. I'm getting sick of it but I'm too sick to do anything with my life.

I have enough energy to stand up and walk over to the kitchen, so I start making another cup of tea.

As the kettle boils I grab the milk and the sugar.

I quietly hum to myself while I make the tea.

I can't wait for Kaia to come back with the soup. I want some food inside of me soon. I'm going to be even more grumpy than I already am if I don't get some food soon.

I cough into my arm, as I bring my tea over to the couch, slightly relieving the pain in my throat.

I place the cup onto a coaster that is on the coffee table next to the couch before climbing back underneath the blanket.

I slowly begin to close my eyes, hoping I can maybe sleep for a bit.

Now, you may be wondering, 'Lia, if you were planning on sleeping, why did you make a cup of tea?'

Well. my friend, the reason for that — yeah I really don't know either.

So anyway, back to me trying to get to sleep.

My eyes were closed for a total of about 2.47 seconds when the door to my apartment slammed open, causing me to jump from the couch.

I screamed off of instinct.

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