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"You're sure she's alright?" I ask, one more time.

"Yes she's fine!" Harry exclaims into the phone. "I'm taking her home, soon. She's alright."

"Alright," I sigh. "Bye."

With the click of a button, Harry's voice has disappeared.

He was calling to let me know that he had found Lia and that she was OK.

She was in McDonald's of all places!

He also said that he would explain what happened when he got back.

I just stood in place for a few minutes, before putting my phone back down on the table and sitting in the chair.

I told Wanda I would have her the introduction article in by tomorrow, but I haven't got any inspiration.

I really want this to be a good article. This could be the launch of my writing career, which is super important.

I find myself sitting at the table, desperately trying to get an opening sentence, but every time I find myself hitting the delete button.

My mind still is pretty hung up on Lia, even though I knew she couldn't have gone far. She just scared me.

I can't think of anything to write about.

I rest my chin on my hand and stare at the blank sheet of paper on my screen.

I see my phone next to my laptop and have an idea.

I pick it up and instantly call Louis.

"Hello?" he asks in a silly accent.

"Louis," I say, to get his attention.

"That's me," he says, and I can imagine his cheeky smile as he talks.

"What are you doing right now?" I ask.

"Nothing really," he replies. "All the other guys are out so I'm home alone."

"Great!" I exclaim, mentally giving myself a high five.

"Why?" he asks.

"Because, you know that magazine that wanted me to write for them?" I say.

"Yeah," he replies. "That colourful teenager one, yeah?"

"Yes," I confirm. "Well, I told the woman who runs the magazine that I would have my article ready for tomorrow, but I have no inspiration at all. I was wondering if I could come over and you help me write it?"

"Of course!" he says, excitedly. "Come over! We can have some quality Klouis time!"

"Klouis? Really?" I laugh.

"What?" he asks in reply. "It's the ship name the fans have for us!"

"I know," I chuckle. "It just sounds so funny when you say it."

"Hey!" he cries in protest. "I think it's quite adorable."

"Whatever," I laugh, rolling my eyes. "I'll be round in about fifteen minutes, is that alright?"

"Perfect," he replies. "See you then."



And I hung up.

Now very excited, I pack up my laptop and other things into a book bag and lock my apartment door on the way out.


Fifteen minutes later, I'm tapping on the door outside of Louis' house.

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