- IX -

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Louis POV

When we had to leave Starbucks, I was showered in sadness.

Kaia is one of the most amazing people to be around.

When we kissed it was like my first kiss all over again.

I love hanging out with Kaia and I'm hopeful she feels the same way.


"I have to go" she said sadly, her head still resting on my chest.

We had come back to my flat after our little date at Starbucks.

She pushed herself upwards but I pulled her back down.

"Lou" she looks at me with her sad eyes. "Lia's been ringing me for the past twenty minutes."

"Still, can't you stay a while longer?" I beg, though I can see in her face she really can't stay.

I sigh.


I follow her to the door and say goodbye, again, sadly.

I watch as Kaia's face disappeared behind the closed door.

I watched the telly for a bit after she left until the lads came home.

Which took quite a long time.

Like any normal person, I went on Twitter and started looking through Kaia's tweets to find out some stuff about her.

It's not stalking.

Don't even worry about it.

She posts cute pictures of herself and hers friends most of the time, and her tweets are randomness.

I smile when I reach a picture of her friend getting ready for a One Direction concert.

Kaia wasn't much of a fan of the band.

I kind of admired that about her.

I mean, of course she likes the music but, she's not a super crazy fangirl that knows what our blood types are or anything.

It's cool to be able to talk to a girl who doesn't freak out every time we see each other.

The boys came home around 6:30 in the afternoon.

Just in time for supper.

Niall had taken pleasure in picking up Nando's.


We ate the chicken in silence (it actually is good food) and then the boys asked me how the date went.

"It wasn't a date!" I protest.

"Oh yeah?" Harry asks, cocking an eyebrow. "Then what was it?"

"It was a, um..." I stutter, scratching the back of my neck. "It was only really a little get together."


"It's not like he'll be able to hide it if he's lying anyway" Niall points out. "We just have to check the news tomorrow."

"Niall!" I say. "Don't give him ideas."

"Well, I'm pretty curious too" he replies.

I sigh and walk away from the table.


Kaia POV

"How was it!!!" Lia squeals when I come home.

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