- XLIX -

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I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times.

This isn't my bedroom.

Where am I?

Have I been kidnapped?



It's just the boys' place.

And suddenly the memories from last night come flooding back.

I smile to myself, a tired smile, as I think of all the laughing Louis and I did last night. Who knew a simple chat about high school would make me so giggly.

I feel Louis arms wrapped around me tightly. I don't think he's awake yet. I could stay here all day, in his warm hold.

I close my eyes again and sigh.

Then my nose starts to kick in.

I smell something really good.

It smells like the box mix pancakes mum used to make when I was little.

And can I also slightly hear bacon sizzling on a stove.

Harry must be cooking breakfast. God knows it wouldn't be Niall or Liam. They can barely put a frozen pizza in the oven without burning it.

Speaking of Harry, I need to talk to him and ask about Lia. I feel really bad about leaving Lia alone at the house all night, but I couldn't help falling asleep with Louis. I should at least ask Harry how she's doing.

I slowly and carefully stand up from the sofa, trying not to Louis up. I then tip toe to the kitchen and peak in to see if Harry is there.

No surprise, he's there in a blue apron with big granny oven mitts on, putting a container in the oven.

"Hey Haz," I say with a yawn and make my way over to the dining table. I pull out a seat and sit in it. "What's up?"

"Just making some breakfast for everyone," he says after nearly jumping out of his skin when he first heard my voice. "You good with pancakes and bacon?"

"Of course," I laugh. "I don't think I've had either since high school. But isn't it a little early to be making breakfast?"

"Not really," he shrugs. "I'm surprise we're the only ones up yet."

"What time is it?" I ask, not really sure.

"Half ten," he replies, flipping a pancake.

"Oh," I say. I thought it was much earlier than that. "I suppose the others are sleeping in quite a bit."

"Yeah," he says, focused on the breakfast foods in front of him.

"Harry," I say. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure," he replies.

"Can you just tell me what happened with Lia?" I ask. "I feel bad leaving her alone all night. I'd like to know what happened."

"Well, uh," he stutters, not knowing where to start. "I couldn't find her so I went to go get a snack at McDonald's and she was there. So I sat down to ask her where she was. She told me that she'd been reading the messages on Twitter and Instagram and stuff and it was really getting to her so she went out to get some air."

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